Looking for the Light

There used to be this light.  It was a red, flashing light outside Henry’s bedroom window that I could see across the river at night.  It was cold then, and windy in early March.  The bare trees would sway wildly in the wind, and with each gust, the windows would shiver.  

I would sit with Henry at night and rock him.  We were wrapped together in a blanket, his warm little frame nestled against me.  And the light was there.  Through the trees, across the river and perched there, on the top of a tower, in the middle of a field it flashed, slowly and rhythymically.  I often wondered about it’s purpose. 

I looked for the light last night, but I couldn’t find it.  Maybe the trees are too dense right now.  Maybe when autumn strips them of their leaves I will see it again, I don’t know.  Maybe it is gone.  

It was always there before.

Looking for the Light

3 thoughts on “Looking for the Light

  1. We have a similar light outside our bedroom window, and it gets obscured by the trees in the summer. It is very obvious in the winter, and we should see it again soon! I think the lights on our towers are to warn airplanes there is a tall object in the (potential) flight path.

  2. Without having a clue what you’re talking about, I know exactly what you are talking about. Everything looks different in the darkness of the night. Quiet. Still. Cold. And you wonder where it all goes when the sun comes up. You never see any of this until you have babies to get up with.

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