Where Joy Resides

I could tell from the darkness that morning that it was still raining, and after weeks with no rain, I was glad for the dim light.  I smelled the coffee brewing and listened to the quiet house.  I knew The Man had gone downstairs…probably working on his fantasy football team. 

It was Henry that was next to me.  He smelled of shampoo and soap.  His cheeks were pink from a beautiful day spent outside yesterday.  He sniffled.  I hoped it wasn’t the start of a cold.

I listened to him.  To the sound of him breathing…sniffling…rustling the blankets.  I reached over and toussled his hair and he, not quite asleep, opened his eyes and smiled.

When you least expect it, it creeps in.  It comes disguised as a soapy-scented, pink-cheeked little boy and warm blankets on a rainy Sunday morning.  Joy resides in these small moments.  Those that may seem the most ordinary are the ones in which beauty is bound.

P.S.  It was a cold.  He is home sick today.  After only 4 days of school, that boy has a cold.  Seriously?

Where Joy Resides

7 thoughts on “Where Joy Resides

  1. So nice to stop by… I haven’t been here in a while and I love your new design and darling photos. Sorry to hear it was a cold. My daughter got strep throat one week after school started this year. No fun!

    Hugs to you,

  2. I gonna say it: I love when my kids are sick. But only for one day! Then I want them back to their normal selves. I think it’s a blessing from God. Forcing them to slow down. Snuggles on the couch. Endless doting from mom. Sweet kisses. Warm heads. Movies on the couch. But most of all, being so thankful that it’s just a bug and knowing how incredibly lucky I am to have such healthy kids.

  3. I’m with Jenny. I love when they are snuggle sick… not vomit sick. Here I go again, mentioning vomit.

    The best is the snuggle time. Ohh how I love that.

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