What I am Missing

I miss you, Henry. 

I missed you instantly when that bus drove away yesterday.

I realized I forgot to remind you what room number you were in. 

I forgot to ask Kate to help you find your room.

I forgot to make sure you would be okay.

And then I just felt sad.

Because I realized that I never really had any time with you, just me and you. 

There was always someone older…

or someone younger…

And now you are in school, for seven long hours, and I miss you.

I miss your loud voice.

And your bad, bad knock-knock jokes.  They are really bad, Henry. 

I miss watching you twirl your hair while you do your homework.

I miss how you come downstairs late in the morning, with your crazy hair and your sleepy eyes. 

I miss your nose…your freckles…and how your hair flips up around your ears. 

I miss your laugh around here.

The house is quiet, and I just feel sad. 

I just miss you. 

What I am Missing

10 thoughts on “What I am Missing

  1. I bet they are GREAT knock-knock jokes.

    My wife took a picture every year of our boys standing on the front porch for the first day of school. I look at those pictures now (some of them are on my desk at work in one of those Kodak digital picture frame things) and I think what treasured moments they are.

    You’re right to miss him. And it’s good. But you have to.

  2. He’s so handsome!

    Knock-knock jokes, huh? AWESOME! (That is the DHH teacher in me saying that 😉 ).

    And now the friend-to-his-mama that is in me: Your words of love for your children seem to have depth on the page. I am always uplifted when I read them. They are all blessed to have you. I know, in a different, unique way, just how blessed Henry is to have you and I can assure you, that while there was always someone older and someone younger, Henry feels loved and special and will someday thank-you for all of the doors you opened for him.

    And somehow, I know that today, he didn’t needed reminded what room number he was in or to have Kate help him. Not anymore than ANY OTHER child in the school did. And Kristen, that is the gift that will be given over and over again his whole life.

  3. If I haven’t ever told you, I love how you write about little boys. I feel that so many mothers wish to have little girls. And little girls are wonderful in their own right too. But so little credit is given to how wonderful it is to be the mother of a little boy. They’re dirty and messy and very mysterious. But I’d have a million of them. I love little boys!

  4. Toni :O) says:

    Wow…he and Ella could be twins I tell you!!! Another great post….you truly have such a gift with words…you lift me up with your writing and spirit…thank you sweet friend, thank you cause I needed to read this as it helped to remind me how special my boy is to me…I marvel at him daily.

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