So here it is, September first.  There is no nip in the air, however.  Unless 97 is considered nippy.  Which I’m quite certain it is not.  (I’ve noticed lately that I use the phrase “I’m quite certain” rather frequently.  I haven’t decided whether it is annoying or not…)

This morning on the front stoop a black cat sat, watching the four deer eat all  my plants.  I would like to know why she didn’t scare off the deer.  Yet there she sat…watching.

I stood there, looking out my window, staring at the deer, staring at me.  It is strangely paralyzing to stand ten feet from a doe, with her staring at you, all the while chewing with fervor the delicate buds of your flowers.  And yet I did.  Perhaps the cat had the same strangely paralyzing feeling I did…

The Man, however, was not paralyzed, not even slightly.  He threw open the door, at which the deer and the cat all flew off.  When I complained, he said he wanted the deer to know that it was not a friendly yard.  I said I am quite certain that they feel it is very friendly indeed, what with the spread of flowers and other delicacies of nature’s bounty we’ve laid out for them all summer long… 

It is hard to believe that autumn is right around the corner.  Last night The Man and I watched a little bit of college football.  Even the sound of ESPN’s college football theme music can throw me into an autumn frenzy.  Thoughts about Thanksgiving and menu-planning, wool sweaters, rosey-cheeked Christmas tree hunts, warm fires burning, leaves changing color and yes, college football, have been tip-toeing around up in my noggin for a few weeks now, even as I try to eek out the last of summer’s thrills.  I can’t help it.  I’m an Autumnmaniac. 

But for today, we will revel in summer’s blessings, seeing as how it’s 97.  So we’re going to pack up some lunch and head to the pool.  We’ll come home, hang our towels on the deck (which I know is probably a violation of  hoa rules and I don’t care), have some lemonade and watch the day wind down.  We’ve noticed it getting darker earlier.  I think it’s mother nature’s way of calming us down…telling us it’s time to settle in.

Enjoy your summery Wednesday, everyone!


8 thoughts on “Back.

  1. Greetings from a fellow Autumnmaniac! *sigh*

    i broke out a pumpkin spice candle yesterday, when some early fall weather blew through… cloudy, dark, rainy and blowing. And I convinced myself I was NOT going to turn on the furnace in August!

    But here we go, already, with leaves blowing around the yard, fall soccer, and school (homeschool) just around the corner.


  2. I love fall. Unfortunately, our trees are not changing color for the season, but because it has literally been so hot that they are giving up the fight and dropping their leaves in surrender to the baking sun.

    School starts tomorrow, and it is supposed to be in the mid-90’s. Something about that is just wrong! Happily, our fall weather will come shortly and we will take our trip to Pumpkinville and bake apple pies.

    I say bring on the frost!

  3. Those last two paragraphs brought tears to my eyes… the wonderful anticipation of all things Autumn. And the call to settle in. This was such a beautiful post!

  4. Toni :O) says:

    Welcome back, we’ve missed you!! I too loved your description of Autumn, that was perfect and is how I feel too. I’m looking forward to soups, chili’s and hot cocoa after raking leaves…life is good that way. Kids start school on Tuesday and I start my new job on Wednesday…yep, finally got an offer that I’m willing to take. It’s less money unfortunately but it sure beats filing for unemployment which I’m proud that I don’t have to do that after all (we all have to compromise in this ugly economy I guess) but at least I’m getting four weeks of vacation right off the bat AND, the best part is, it’s 4.5 miles from my home with no highway driving….awesome eh?! What a blessing that I had the entire summer vacation with my kids and I helped my dad recover from back surgery…talk about a silver lining, amazing how God truly works his magic! Have a wonderful holiday weekend chicka! :O)

  5. It’s FREEZING here today. And that’s coming from a Minnesotan. I mean not really freezing. But 60s feels like freezing when it’s been in the 90s and humid all week.

    My husband and I watched the Pitt vs. Utah game last night. My hubby kept calling Utah the Utes. And I told him there’s no way that the team is called the Utah Utes. And he just laughed at me. But then I saw that their jerseys did indeed say Utes. But I still argued that was stupid. What the heck is a Ute anyway and why would anyone want to name their football team after them? The Utes ended up winning in OT. So who knows? Maybe the joke’s on me.

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