There is not much going on in this old life lately.  It is summer, and I think the thrill of summer has worn off.  Not to say that we are not enjoying it, because we are.  But it is more of a contented kind of coasting at this point. 

Where is the funny stuff in my life?  My life used to be funny and frustrating, not necessarily in that order, but there was definitely some funny.  There seems to be no funny lately. 

I suppose there are worse things.

There just seems to be so little to talk about that is worth mentioning.  Should I mention the fact that I walked into the bathroom today to see that half of the brand-spankin’-new roll of toilet paper lay mounded in the potty (Ella)?  I’ll bet I could come up with an entire post full of potty foibles, but then I might just seem gross, dirty or wierd.

I could mention that I bought a new floor steamer for tile and hardwood?  (I really love this thing.)  It is shameful how dirty my floors were.  Shameful.  (But again, dirty.) 

Next I’ll be ordering the carpet steamer.  I love those equally well. 

I am going to try a cleaning plan, which I generally start in August, but have skipped lately because it’s just too much work.  It is supposed to get my entire house in ship-shape before the holidays.  Hahahahahah!  Who are these people that come up with these ideas?  We’ll see how far I get. 

Let’s talk about bacon.  Bacon is my friend.  But the smell of bacon reminds me of dirty people.  (so does maple syrup…I don’t know, people.  I don’t know.).

We are going ahead with the beadboard in the kitchen. (And I wonder, seriously, how the bacon spatters are going to do on beadboard…)

We had to have two windows replaced, and they did a great job, but the guy wiped them clean and there are streaks and it is driving me crazy.  The windows are high up.  I have to mount some large piece of furniture in order to reach them. 

Our brakes had to be replaced on the car.  And some faulty wires were replaced as well, which will stop the incessant beeping to let me know that my oil pressure was low.  Which it was not. 

The spiders I’ve seen lately (in the house) have been ginormous.  I made my children trap the last one with a bucket.  It may still be down there, but I’m not certain. 

See what I mean?  It’s all boring.  Bo.Ring.  (or would it be Bor.Ing?)  And more…

I found a 4 foot snake skin in my flower bed.  

I made soap.  I have decided that I need a wooden soap mold and a cutter so it can look much prettier.  The soap, though?  Awesome.   

I made jam.  It was runny.  Didn’t gel properly.  But it is yummy.

I hate the new color I painted my kitchen.  But I have a plan.  (Beadboard, plus more painting.  The Man is super happy.  And that is super sarcastic.)

The holidays are right around the corner, folks.

Kate is growing up.  I am afraid of it.

Ella just came down the stairs painted up like a lady of the night.   

I think my favorite color might not be orange anymore.  I want orange to be my favorite color.  This is a bother to me.

The boys start football on Saturday. 

Kate starts cheering on Monday.

Let the chaos begin.

Kate and I are going on a girls’ night on Saturday.  Shopping, dinner out, painting our toenails, watching a video with popcorn and candy and spending the night in a fancy hotel.  We’ll order room service for breakfast.  I can’t wait! 

I have to buy school supplies, and I don’t want to do it when the mobs are there.

I have to buy some school clothes for the kids.  I have no idea what they need.

I am not sure I’m going to be capable of handling life this fall. 

Somebody help me.


9 thoughts on “B.O.R.I.N.G.

  1. Oh I can’t wait to see the beadboard. How exciting! This weekend is when you should buy supplies b/c 1) it’s tax free weekend and 2) the swarms will be out (wish I could type in a sarcastic tone). I’m waiting on school clothes 1) my kids could care less and 2) they end up wearing summer clothes for the first month & a half. We can help each other b/c I’m still lazing away thinking I’m still at the beach.

  2. Perhaps once this whole school thing gets going again, we’ll plan a visit… that should help a bit with the doldrums for both of us. 🙂

    And I really loved this post. Perhaps it’s because I totally get it. The whole potty thing is gross, so why write about it. And I love bacon, too, and YES the smell makes me think of dirty people. Why is that?

    I made my list of school supplies we need today so we could take advantage of tax free weekend. I’m going to nap on Friday and go to Wal-Mart at midnight on Friday so I can avoid the mobs and my children won’t hear my grumbling about how much I hate Wal-mart. 🙂

    Have a wonderful girls night out.

    You’re not boring. Really. I loved this post. Because it was real.

  3. Yes! That’s just what I mean when I say it’s been a “daily day”.

    Just ordinary life.

    The stuff that fills in all the cracks between the wonderful and the tragic.

    Enjoy your boring :o)


  4. Best part of the whole post was that Ella just came down painted like a lady of the night. I laughed so loud I worried I’d woken Luke.

    P.S. 94% humidity is AWFUL. I’m back in my place.

    This boring post was HA Larious. as in hilarious. Ok, I’m not funny… but I try.

  5. Toni :O) says:

    Hey girl…OMG, this could be MY life…Ella and your comment made me practically fall out of my chair laughing! I hear ya about the school supplies and clothes…I just wrote on the calendar next week to get uniforms and supplies next week as I can’t handle it this week. Today, I have to take doggie to the vet, she’s definitely NOT feeling well…stink bombs erupt from her silently and I think she has a UTI…fun stuff getting a urine sample from a dog I tell you! My car died big time, low coolant=cracked water pump=$482 later to fix it and then the NEXT day my battery croaked=another $85 to fix THAT! Yeah, big fun having huge expenses when you’re unemployed…someone needs to hire me and soon! But everyone is on vacation and no one responds to e-mail AND they have reposted the same job on Monster.com twice in the last week under different headings…nice…so that leaves me in a funk today. I bet your soap is awesome…my friend used to do that, made a ton of it, sold it and then stopped…guess her steam ran out or she didn’t think it was fun anymore, not sure. Have fun at your Girl’s night with Kate, sounds like such a blast and you deserve that special time with her. I’m hoping to take my girl to a movie and lunch while the boys are off to an air show, let’s hope the weather holds for all that to fall in place. How’s THAT for a random comment? LOL! Have a great rest of the week in all of your boredom…NOT! :O)

  6. Oh do tell about the floor steamer please. I get all hot and bothered about all things cleaning.

    The beadboard will look FANTASTIC! We have a 90-yr-old home and have it everywhere. I do scrub it a lot but once every couple of years a quick coat of paint does wonders.

    Although I’m a total summer person and get really excited when I see 90s plastered across the extended forecast, I have to admit that I’ve been dreaming about the football season. What Friday night HS games will we bring the kids to? What will I make for College Game Day Saturdays? It’s going to be awesome.

  7. Oh, that was fun reading about your (not so) boring life! Maybe this is why reality TV is so popular – real life is anything but boring. You made me laugh, several times. The toilet paper. The lady of the night. Making your children do the dirty-work of trapping a spider…uh huh.

    So much to relate to – but i look forward to fall as the return of blessed routine. Summer is, for us, mass chaos. Anything but boring.

    I have to get out there and buy school supplies, too. Yuck.

  8. Coming from someone who is not in “summer mode” anymore?

    Shhh… about your “summer is wearing off…”

    I’m up at 5 everyday getting the kids to school.

    And big spiders? Like Daddy Long Legs? My Mom used to pull all but 2 legs off of them. The 2 legs were on the same side. hee hee.

    See what your post did to me? It turned me into a rambling mess.

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