When Quiet Settles In

When he is dirty…

when his hair is white from the sun…

when his skin is soft and tanned, his cheeks pink and his nose freckled…

when his hands are sticky from baiting hooks,

when his fingernails are broken and caked with dirt…

That is when quiet settles in him, and his eyes are made tender from a day of  being an eight year old boy.

When Quiet Settles In

20 thoughts on “When Quiet Settles In

  1. Thank you so much stopping by and for your kind comment!

    I gasped when I saw this photo – in that pose, it looks just like my 7 year old – and your description also fits him perfectly.

    What a lovely blog. So happy to have found you!

  2. Should you ever be in MN, can you come and photograph my kids. Your pictures tell stories and then you add the words and it makes me gawk at my screen. not to be an echo but, Beautiful post.

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