A thousand thank yous.

Dear Ella,

Do you know how beautiful you are?

Do you know that I watch you sleep at night, and that I whisper to you? 

Do you hear me whisper? 

I whisper my love for you. 

I whisper that you, baby girl, take my breath away.

Do you know that while I watch you sleep, I smile?

I smile at your stubbornness.

I smile at you and your little buns.  And your little fingers that are still dimpled.  And your cheeks, that are the pinchiest cheeks ever. 

I smile at your independence.  How in Ellaworld you do everything all by yourself. Except when you want me to do it.  (And in Ellaworld, I always know when you want to do something yourself, and when I’m supposed to do it.  Which is different from my world, of course, where I never know what you want.  It would be good if we could sync up on that.)

Do you know that I sit by your side, brush the hair from your neck, and whisper a thousand thank yous to God that you came to me?

I do, Ella. 

Every single night.

A thousand thank yous.

8 thoughts on “A thousand thank yous.

  1. This is a breathtaking post. Such a beautiful picture of a mother’s love.

    I’m in tears (which is not uncommon when I read your posts). 🙂

  2. K,
    I’m in puddles here. I only wish I could be this elequent. (sp?)
    When I see the photo’s of Ella, I just want to give her a squeeze and get a glimpse of that pretty red hair. She’s absolutely captivating. The other kiddo’s are amazing too. Each in their own way.

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