Little Bill

I never realized how you would thrill me. 

How watching you run would captivate me. 

How the sight of you drinking from a hose could make my knees weak with happiness.

I never knew that sweat could smell so incredibly sweet. 

That “dirty” could be so absolutely lovely.

Your tanned back is turned to the sun, and I can trace with my eyes the swirl of sunbleached hair right in the middle of your back.  And I am amazed at such a creature.

I never knew how magical little boys were.

And then you came along, Little Bill. 

I love you.

(P.S.  I promise to stop calling you Little Bill sometime soon.  Except I’ll probably still call you that when you are sleeping.  Because you will never know.)

Little Bill

4 thoughts on “Little Bill

  1. You have such a way with words. It is pretty coincidental we both had son posts but you know, great minds 😉 I love that you captured him with his most favorite sport. That is such a big part of him these days and will be for years.

  2. “…because you will never know…” I love that.

    And I feel the exact same way about my little man (who we called baby Jayce for the longest time, but not nearly as long as you’ve gotten away with little Bill).

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