“Ella, do you need to go potty?”

“No, I’m going to hold it.”

“Ella, you better get in that bathroom, missy.”

“No, I don’t have to.”

“Ella, if you don’t go sit on the potty right now, you’re going to have to take a nap.” (Yes.  Yes I do threaten my children with naptime.)

“Okay…” tumtumtumtumtumtum to the potty

Panic.  “Mommy, someone didn’t flush!”

“Ellabear, just flush it and then go potty.”

Another scream of panic.

“Ella, just use another bathroom then.”

tumtumtumtumtumtumtum to the second bathroom

Cries and more panic.

“But, there’s no toilet paper in this one!”

tumtumtumtumtumtumtum back to the first bathroom

Screams.  Screams.  Screams.

The next 10 minutes were spent cleaning up the puddle o’ tinkle.


6 thoughts on “Puddle

  1. Our house sounds a little more like this….
    “Mom, I peed all over the place again…”
    Me: “Jack, tuck your penis please.”
    Jack: “But mom, I didn’t have time. Here’s the rug, it’s all wet and so is the wall.”
    Me: “Thanks Jack”

  2. Yes! Yes! This is my life RIGHT NOW!!!! Only it’s Boo Boo, (ridiculous, I know) and not Ella.

    Boo Boo, just go.

    Mommy, don’t looka my PRIVATES!

    (whatever) Honey, just go!

    Mommy, close door!

    Boo Boo – GO!

    (tears) Mommy, I spilled! (more tears)

    p.s. Nature’s Miracle (for pet “spills”) does a great job of getting the smell out of grout.

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