She’s wrong about you.

She said you will be my cross to bear.

There will be times when you are older, I’m certain of it, that aren’t full of loveliness. 

There will be complicated times, I know, when I will wish for the simplicity of your little tantrums, and your whining, and your squealing screams.  Times when you and I are searching for our footing in our roles as mother and daughter. 

In those times, I will remember how I taught you about the bumblebees, and how to paint and blow bubbles, and how you always always always wanted to help me water the plants, do the laundry, empty the dishwasher. 

I will remember how you swept the hair from your eyes with the back of your hand, and how breathtaking you looked in a sundress and bare feet. 

I will remember you and your cats.  Even now when I take jellycat in my hands, and press him to my nose, a rush of a thousand beautiful memories nearly makes my heart burst.

One thing I know, Ella, is that she’s wrong about you. 

You will never be my cross to bear.

She’s wrong about you.

6 thoughts on “She’s wrong about you.

  1. Seriously?! My heart is sad that someone actually said this to you…Ella is your blessing – and has been from before she was born! Hugs dear friend!

  2. Oh she is beautiful. I think of this often, actually, about the choppy waters that may lie ahead for Grace and myself when she is older … and I always want to remember the relative simplicity of now.

  3. Oh stars! I’m blown away that someone would tell you that about your child. Like all the others have said, she is a blessing. No matter how hard a day or a season might be… a beautiful blessing. Gorgeous pic, by the way. 🙂

  4. Sure there are “seasons” in life that are *ahem* less lovely than other seasons. But these kids are BLESSINGS.

    My MIL said similar unpleasant things when Kerry told her we were expecting Gunnar. She can go pout somewhere else. Far, far away.

    Our kids are treasures :0)

    You write so wonderfully about yours, it brings tears to my eyes.


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