Her Birthday

Her birthday fell the week after my sister’s bridal shower.  I knew when I planned that shower that I would have trouble pulling it all together for Ella’s precious little three year old party.  I knew it. 

I did get the presents wrapped.

And I did make cupcakes.  Chocolate with pink icing, just like she wanted.

And we had a little party for her.  With ice cream and balloons and pink lemonade.  And flowers!  Doesn’t every little girl need flowers at her party? 

In my opinion, carnations are totally underrated.  

Daisies, you will remember, are the happiest of all flowers.  And pink daisies?  Well they’re just the bee’s knees.


Sparkley paper!  It was so pretty in the celophane wrapper.  I will never buy that sparkley paper again.  Sparkles are everywhere.  Every.Where.

She had fun turning three.   

*In the interest of full disclosure, this photo is totally staged.  She ran down the hall with those balloons once spontaneously, and I missed it, so I made her do it over again.  And again and then again until I got a good one.  Is that so wrong?

Her Birthday

6 thoughts on “Her Birthday

  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with staging a photo, lol! It looks like you pulled off the perfect three-year-old birthday party. We’re going to have the same dilemma with Nolan’s third birthday, though our conflicts have to do with marathon-running (Dennis, not me) and school starting.

    I am glad that boys require very little sparkle. Hot wheels cars, yes. Glitter, no.

    Happy birthday, Ella- here’s to a shiny future (glitter and all)!

  2. GORGEOUS photo! Who cares if you asked her to do it again and again? It doesn’t make any less true of what it is. Happy birthday to your little lady!

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