A Big Hot Mess

When I came downstairs this morning at super early-o’clock, it was 82 degrees in the house.  Just to give you a little perspective, it is normally below 75.  And at super early o’clock, it was already in the mid 70s outside.  The charming weatherman said the humidity will hit you like a wall when you step outside.  And that the temps would be 9 degrees above normal.  Ew. 

Our AC went out sometime over the weekend.  Luckily, it’s only the lower unit that went out, so there is SOME relief available upstairs. 

Then, at 8:35:00 (which is precisely 5 minutes and zero seconds after I was supposed to be at the dentist for William’s appointment which I totally forgot about because of the inferno of a house I am living in), the phone rang.  I knew it was Delta, the lady at the front desk, because she calls exactly five minutes and zero seconds after your appointment time if you are not there.  She pretends to be all nice and concerned for my safety and well-being, but I’m no fool.  She is not real good at hiding her feelings toward me when I am tardy and I have to practically dodge the daggers that are shooting from her eyes.  I do not kid about this.

Fear can make a person do some bad things.

I lied.  I made up a big fat lie.  And I told it to her, to cover for the fact that I missed the appointment.  I am afraid of that woman.  I am not kidding. 

Then I felt bad.  Really really bad.  I considered calling her back to tell her that I lied because I am afraid of her.  But then we would need to find a new dentist because I would be mortified.  And I really like my dentist. 

And also, it was so hot in the house, and I’m sure that must have affected my brain functioning. 

So, we went outside where it was also hot and ate some ice cream.

Nevermind that it was only 10:00am. 

Look at his pink cheeks.  And the freckles.  Seriously?  I cannot help but squeeze those freckly pink cheeks.  And yes, I know it is a sunburn.  And yes, I know he needs more sunblock.  And yes, I know redheads are sensitive to the sun. 

Back to the ice cream…  Dripping, melting, delightful ice cream.  Is there ever a bad time to eat ice cream?

I don’t think so either.

Then we went back inside the hotbox and I called the scary lady back again to reschedule the appointment, and she was mean and unfriendly.  I still feel guilty and bad for the big fat lie. 

But perhaps a sliver less-bad.

A Big Hot Mess

4 thoughts on “A Big Hot Mess

  1. Any time is a great time for ice cream! If you need some relief, come one down although the Man here keeps our house at a steady 78…a tad warm for my taste. So what lie did you tell?

  2. Amy says:

    I feel for you Kristen! Our downstairs AC went out Memorial day weekend and we finally just got a new unit (the size of a small clubhouse!) installed today. After the temps we’ve been dealing with, the cool air of 78 degrees feels a bit chilly this evening! I hope yours is a quicker and cheaper fix than ours. And, yes, I agree that it’s never too early for ice cream!

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