A Good Day


We blew bubbles.

Um, would you look at her?  Oh my.  And the strawberry eyelashes?  It’s like staring an angel in the face.  I think.

We climbed trees.

We played basketball.

Can you see all those little things floating around my boy?  Those are annoying gnats.  But don’t they look lovely in a photo?

There is ALWAYS some type of ball left out in my yard.  Why is that?

We gazed upon the flowers. 

“Hello Mr. Bee” she says.  I taught her that.  She understands, as I do, that bees are just delightful, happy little creatures.    

I love bumblebees, don’t you?

We had ice pops, too.  But I have no pictures of that.

If this is what summer is going to be like, I wish it would hurry on up and get here.

A Good Day

4 thoughts on “A Good Day

  1. Great pictures! Makes me want to brush off my poor neglected camera. Was this all this morning? My…what busy bees you’ve been. I want summer here too!!

  2. Your two smallest children are not so small anymore (happy belated birthday to Ella!). Enjoy your summer – I know you will enjoy every moment of it.

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