Dear Ella,

When you were born, I thanked the Lord in Heaven that you were a girl.  After the climbing, running, jumping, pounding, thundering pair of boys that came before you, I needed calm.  I needed still.

I dressed you in pink, and I bought hair bows for every occasion, because of course every girl must have many, many hair bows.  However, you are not a big fan of hair bows.

I was certain that we would spend hours together, quietly reading, having tea, and shopping, the way Kate and I did.

Isn’t that funny? 

Now I see that quiet is not who you are.  Nor is shopping, or tea-sipping or anything that doesn’t involve vast amounts of movement and jumping.  And while all that jumpingrunningspinningtwirling is rather exhausting at times, it is also one of the most wonderfully thrilling things about you. 

Do you know that I love you? 

I love who you are, just as you are.

You are a freckle faced nymph.  You, my dear, have some sass.  You are a little spark plug.  Just like me.

Daddy says fireworks are gonna fly between me and you when you get a bit older. 

But Ella, I have felt the boom of fireworks in my heart from the moment you were born. 

Happy birthday, baby girl.  I adore you.


14 thoughts on “Three

  1. She knows who she is…that’s for sure. Happy Birthday to my favorite red headed little girl. I enjoy watching her grow up and love that I can get my 3 year old fixes from her (when she lets me). It is such a fun year for them and us. Enjoy the day!

  2. This is gorgeous. I love the line about the boom of fireworks in your heart… what a beautiful description of your love for her. Happy birthday, Ella!

  3. Oh, three! Already three. Such a beautiful age, full of so many new things. Beautiful post!

    May the next year go by slowly, so that you have time to savor every moment!

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