It rains. 

Of course it does.  I have had the sprinkler going for 2 1/2 hours.  So naturally it is going to rain. 

I see the polka-dotted deck, sigh and head out to the garage to turn off the sprinkler. 

I stand there, watching the soft rain.  There is the promise of a storm behind it, but for now, it is soft. 

There is that smell, the unmistakable smell of the rain on blacktop in the summer.  It is not a very lovely smell, but it is a pleasant one.  It evokes contentment in me, and reminds me of times when I didn’t worry about my hair getting wet, when I would come inside soaked, with wrinkled fingers and toes, and bits of grass clinging to my bare legs.     

Outside, there is the muted rumble of thunder, and just above that I can hear the patter of raindrops on metal gutters.  It is calm. 

So I sit there, in my garage, and watch.  I watch as the rain falls.  I watch as the robin hops and listens.  I wonder where on the sidewalk the last dry spot will be.    

I see cars driving, and I wonder where they are going.  I remember that my dinner is made and I am not going anywhere.  I long for this feeling to be more constant.  This feeling of freedom, of contentment, of rest.  I long for summer.

I long for summer’s pink shoulders and popsicles.  I long for its mornings of nothing, its lunches at the pool, and its afternoons with no homework.

I long for its barbecues, its bumble bees and its veronica and lavender.  I long to sit in summer’s sun, blowing bubbles and sipping lemonade. 

I long for afternoons like this, for summer storms, and for no place to be other than here.  With them.


6 thoughts on “Longing

  1. That sounds perfect. I can’t wait for monsoon season here, though it never really starts as polka dots on the deck… It’s more like hurry up and get home before they start so you don’t get stranded, then get close to the house and watch 🙂

    I hope you’re having a wonderful summer!

  2. Marcy says:

    I was walking out the door to take Tim to piano when that rain started on Thursday. I love the smell of the rain in the spring. Just enough rain for us to put up the umbrella and enjoy the walk down the street.

    And it was nice…everything was cancelled that night and we played Sequence on the deck.

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