Life is what you make it.

Yesterday was beautiful.  The weather rarely gets better.  After several days of cloudy rainy, the trees were vibrant green in the sunshine.  The birds tweeted and the flowers bloomed, buzzing with bumble bees and honey bees and butterflies. 

Alas, I saw this from my window.  Because we were inside all day.

William came home from school yesterday feverish and coughing the nasty cough.  So I kept him home today.  He begged to go to school at about noon.  Then he told me I should “be fired as a mom” because I wouldn’t let him go outside and run around when he’s home sick from school.  He had me in guffaws over that, seriously.  I stayed inside with Ella and William because frankly, if I’m being honest here, I simply didn’t want to deal with the wailing that would most certainly come from William if Ella and I went outside. 

So anyway, we had laundry to do yesterday, so that’s what we did.

And I am in the midst of potty training.  It is going swimmingly so far.  Seriously.  Ella is a champ.  We began the big-girl-panty-wearing on Tuesday.  (I was going to start fresh on Monday, but Ella woke up, sat down on the couch and vomited.  So I figured it was probably not the best day to induce more trauma.) 

Then after school, I took both Kate (who has been exposed to strep and has a very sore throat) and William to the doctor.  Henry and Ella had to come with us.  I have mentioned in the past how much I enjoy taking all of the children to the doctor with me.  Enough said about that. 

We picked up the kids from school.  Went the the doctor.  William has bronchitis.  Kate has nothing. 

We then went straight to the pharmacy.  At this point it was 5:00. 

Got home, Henry got ready for football practice.  William was not allowed to go.  He was surprisingly mellow about that. 

I started supper.  The Man came home and took Henry to football, the rest of us ate supper together. 

I put on a video while I cleaned up.  At one point I looked up to see William pointing at the video and sort of drawing a straight line down the screen.  He said “line of symmetry.”  I said “What?” He said “line of symmetry.”  I said, “Where?”  And he started smiling and Kate started laughing and he said “You know, the crack of her boobs.  It’s a like a line of symmetry.” 

(Before you freak out, we were watching a kids’ movie, nothing obscene.  I have, however, noticed this cleavage thing in kids’ movies lately.  Why do cartoon princesses need cleavage???”)

So back to lines of symmetry…  I told him he was very clever.  At least he is relating his studies to what he sees in the real world, right?  (I’m a glass half full kind of person).

Then The Man came home with Henry.  Henry had apparently had a collision with another kid and had a golf ball sized lump on his forehead.  So I spent the next hour checking his pupils, icing the lump, checking the pupils and checking the pupils.  Why do these things always happen right before bedtime???

I was exhausted and just wanted to go to sleep, but I was slightly terrified by the knowledge that head trauma can take hours, even days to show up, and that lump was a really, really big one. 

I stayed up until 10:15, went and checked on Henry, and then crashed. 

And now it is today.

And Henry is crrrranky.  The weather is pretty again this morning.  But we have no groceries.  So we will be going to get some.  And we have to run out to my office (which is 1.75 hours round trip) and I have a little girl that needs access to the potty at all times.  And I’m tired from the week which has been another one full of errands and sickness and work work work. 

I used to look forward to the future, because I figured there would be a point in time when things would slow down.  I used to always think, if I can just get through this one thing…  But I don’t believe that anymore.  Life is what you make it.  And I make it busy.

Life is what you make it.

7 thoughts on “Life is what you make it.

  1. Oh dear…I guess you’ll be so ready for tonight then? 🙂 Life is busy but I don’t think you or I would want it any other way. Summer is right around the corner – here’s to lazy days at the pool.

  2. It’s life — and life with kids — and there will come a time when you’ll back and treasure moments like the “line of symmetry” and the eyes that look at you will you’re icing a lump on a head. I can’t say that I can look back and treasure moments about potty training, though.

  3. Oh, friend… what a day. What a week! Here’s to a quiet weekend for you. 🙂

    Line of symmetry–I seriously guffawed at that! Oh, boys… I’m not sure I’m ready.

  4. HA HA HA! I love the innocence there. But, yeah… why do cartoon princesses have to look, um, skanky?

    Oh, I hope you have an uneventful, vomit-less night.


  5. “Line of symmetry,” hmmm? May be when he’s much — m-u-c-h — older he can use that as a pick-up line!?!?

    And I’m with you about doctor visits. There is no worse torture than taking all the urchins to the doctor because one urchin is sick!

    Sure do hope this week is a little calmer for you!

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