First Communion

William’s first communion.

This day, I see again.

What a beautiful and perfect gift he is. 

And with what an awesome responsibility I am tasked, raising this child. 

He can be loud.  He can complain, and make a fuss, and be kind of a pain.

But he can be the sweetest, most fragile little boy, too.

Sometimes I forget that.

In those moments that he is loud, and complaining, and fussing, I forget. 

I need, in those moments that he is wounded and he is the hardest to love, to wrap my arms around him and be a salve. 

I need to remember how fragile he is.  I need to remember how precious he is.

I watched him while he slept.  In only a brief moment, a thousand memories flooded through me.  Memories of what he has struggled with.  Proud memories.  Beautiful, precious memories of a boy that is still little.  A boy that still needs softness. 

I whispered my love for him.

And I promised him I would remember.

First Communion

6 thoughts on “First Communion

  1. Michelle@Life with Three says:

    I feel like that about my son sometimes. It’s hard to remember his fragility — especially in the difficult moments. But your post reminded me to refocus my eyes. 🙂

  2. My first thought when I saw the picture was exactly what Jen said, “angelic.” So precious. While they grow up so fast, moments like these remind us how truly wonderful it is to have little kids.

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