Regarding Snakes

Things I learned today:

1.  I am not a fan of snakes.  Which I already knew, but it is worse than I previously knew. 

2.  Catching a snake in a pillowcase is way harder to do than the animal control guy says it is.

3.  Garter snakes look fierce when they are in your basement.

That is all.

Regarding Snakes

9 thoughts on “Regarding Snakes

  1. I should clarify that I did NOT catch any snakes with any pillowcases. Because like I said, that is way hard. I stood there, clutching a pillow case in an attempt to distract the snakes so that The Man could trap them in a cooler.

    Please do not call me for my services unless you need someone to stand there uselessly holding a pillowcase.

  2. And obviously I need to read all of the comments before I comment :(. Oh well, I’m impressed you were willing to go back into the basement, I wouldn’t have done it.

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