I don’t even know how to type this.

I was doing a little spring clean up in the basement and I think I have figured out why we don’t have any mice living in our house.

And that would be because we apparently have snakes.








Living in our basement.

In.Our. House.

Can you picture me screaming?  I completely terrified Ella when I ran up the stairs screaming.  Unfortunately she left jellycat down there and we had to re-enter to save the cat.

Do I need to describe the horror I feel right now?  Because I don’t think I can completely describe the horror and it’s magnitude.

I am open to suggestions as to what the *&^%$#@! I am supposed to do about this.


11 thoughts on “(EXPLETIVE)

  1. Oh my STARS, friend! You are a much braver woman than I, because I fear I would have abandoned Bella’s Digger Dog (akin to Jelly Cat, I am sure) rather than return to the snake pit.

    I am so sorry. I am all squirmy and cringy for you.

    Do exterminators take care of snakes?


  2. Leave the cat with the snakes. Our cats kill snakes in the yard a lot. Although those are garden snakes – what kind of snakes do you have? If it is like a real snake, that could swallow kitties whole for a snack, don’t leave the cat down there. Call one of those Australian dudes who have those shows on TV tracking random snakes in the wild and picking them up and showing them to the viewers at home. I bet they’d love your snakes.

  3. @ Jamie, your comment is hilarious!

    Kristen…in the words of my favorite Amazing Race team…Oh good gravy! How awful!!!! How did you find it? was it curled up somewhere, or moving around???

  4. Egads. Does your local animal control take care of wild animal invasions?

    That would totally freak me out- hope they vacate the premises SOON!

  5. I think standing on top of the counter screaming (with all 4 children and jelly cat of course) until The Man gets home to deal with it is perfectly acceptable! (That’s what I did for mice, and I’m sure it will work just fine for snakes as well.)

  6. We have mice. Had mice. So I’m still trying to figure out what’s worse. A snake or mice? Because mice multiply. Quickly. And they poop. A lot. So maybe I should buy a snake?

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