Bedtime with Ella.

7:00pm–Bedtime epic begins.  Bath.  Jammies.  Brush teeth.

7:25pm–brush Ella’s hair while Henry reads to her.

7:40pm–Ella reads to me.  It goes something like this:


She follows the words with her precious little finger. 

Gagomadaloka.  Hokaladeeahmalaga.  Damahgo.


“Yes mommy?”

“Ella, you’re fantastic.”

“Yes I am.”

“And modest.”



“I reading!”

“I love your reading, Ella.”

“Alakadogatolo.  The end!”

Make Way for Ducklings never sounded so lovely, if you ask me.

7:50–bedtime.  Let the fun begin.  (That was sarcasm)

Snuggle.  Kiss.  Hug.  Tuck Ella in.  Tuck jellycat in.  Remind her that she is to stay in bed.  Remind her again.  Night-night.

8:00–Leave her room.

8:00:30-“Ella, get back in bed.” 

8:01-“Ella, get back in bed.” 

8:05–“Ella, get back in bed.”

8:10–“Ella, get back in bed.”

8:20–The pitiful crying begins.  I say goodnight to Kate, a bit prematurely, to go fix Ella.

8:22–Leave Ella’s room.  Kate is now crying.  I am apparently still learning how to perform bedtime in an appropriate manner and time frame, even though I’ve been doing it for nearly 10 years.

8:30–“Ella, get back in bed.”

8:45–“Ella, get back in bed.”  (Just fyi, this went on well past 10:00pm the night before, when I gave up and went to bed.  I have no idea when she went to sleep.)

9:00–I can hear her in her room, talking to her lovies.  I wish I could hug her.  I briefly ponder my sanity. 

9:12–The sound of quiet.  Unfortunately at this point, being awake is not pleasurable anymore if you are me. 

I climb into bed.  I hope she wakes in the middle of the night.  Because then she will come to my side of the bed, jellycat under her arm, and I will wrap my arms around her, and pull her up into the bed between me and The Man, and be happy that she is next to me.  That I have her.  And I will fall asleep with her little hand wrapped around my finger and her hair tickling my face and her little two-year-old feet resting on my knees.  

Moments like these?  They make bedtime nearly tolerable.

Bedtime with Ella.

3 thoughts on “Bedtime with Ella.

  1. Oh my. I miss those times so much. My mom just brought over stacks and stacks of letters that I wrote to her when I was the mom of a two year old and we lived about two thousand miles from family. So many memories.

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