It’s always just one thing after another.

I feel as though as soon as one hurdle is cleared, another appears as if out of thin air. 

Yesterday I broke my dryer.  Actually, I broke it a couple months ago, but then I taped it all up nice and tight and it worked.  Until yesterday.

I put in a nice big load of heavy, wet towels and blankets. 

Closed the door.

Set the timer.

Pushed start.

Nothing happened.

Pushed start.

Nothing happened.

Pushed it one more time, just in case.


“Alrighty,” I said.

So I took a look at the door jamb where the original problem occurred, because I was certain I could diagnose the problem with my considerable knowledge of household appliance construction (that was sarcasm, in case you didn’t recognize it). 

Yep.  It appears the door start switch is still the problem.

So without getting all complicated here, basically, I removed the tape, jiggled the little black plastic thingy that I broke months ago, and woopsie daisy it disappeared into the inside of the dryer.  “So now I’m in trouble” I think to myself.

Then I get this brilliant idea to just take the dryer apart and find it.  Yes, I AM that smart.

So I googled “taking the front off your blankety blank dryer.”  And there is just a wealth of information out there.  All of which begins with “cut the power first.”  And some of which ends with disclaimers such as “the author of this page shall in no way be held responsible for the information contained on this page if you burn your house down.”  That gave me pause.  However, I continued on in my quest for knowledge.

I took the dryer apart and found the part that was broken.  Then I decided to open up that part.

That is when a microscopically-sized spring flew out.  And then a couple little copper pieces tumbled out.  I do not know where they landed.   

This is when I may or may not have uttered a curse word.  As in “oh blankety.  The Man is not going to be happy ’bout that.”  And then, “I wonder how I can fix this and not have to confess that I broke it a little more than it was broken before I decided to fix it…”

So then I googled some more.   I actually found the part.  It will be here tomorrow. 

I’m only slightly concerned that it won’t work. 

Especially now that I’ve confessed to completely destroying the door start switch.   (And couldn’t it have a more technical name than “door start switch” so I could sound extra intelligent here?).

By tomorrow afternoon, I hope to hear the sound of a dryer, tumbling contentedly. 

And I will really appreciate towels that are not crunchy when they are dry.

It’s always just one thing after another.

8 thoughts on “It’s always just one thing after another.

  1. Mom says:

    That thing about one thing after another? Well, it never ends. Last night, just as we were going to sleep, the hot water heater sprung a leak–a rather hefty leak. And guess what? The new one is three times more expensive than the one we bought ten years ago. Sigh…

    The bright side? It will hopefully be the last one we buy for this house!

  2. Toni :O) says:

    I LOL so hard at this…it just never ends in home ownership world, I tell you! I can totally sympathize with your Mom though, our hot water tank sprung a leak as well and $800 (OUCH!) later, a new one was installed. Happy Birthday to me is how I pitched it…big…heavy…sigh….

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