It is STILL raining.

It rained Friday.

It rained Saturday.

It rained Sunday.

It is still raining, today.

Let me just repeat that I like the rain. 


I am all done with it now thankyouverymuch.

In other news, my Saturday morning started off with a hot cup of coffee and a laptop.  Oh, but it didn’t stop there.  Apparently, my email distribution list was hijacked and all of my people were sent links, from me, to some kind of site advertising viagraandothersuchdrugs.  Nice.  It’s always a pleasure when your boss gets a sexdrug link from you.  Or your dad.  Or your children’s teachers.  Or their principal.  That’s always nice.  Moving right along…  

All the samoas are gone.  That is unfortunate.  Did you know that samoas are a pleasure to consume even when you can’t taste them?

I am still stuffy.

There is no gas in my car.

There is no food in the house.

There are less than five diapers left in the house.  This could spell disaster.

There are no samoas left.

There is no beer.

There is no wine.

There is no milk, either.

And there are no samoas.

In summation, rain + sinus cold + no cookies = grumpy. 

The end.

It is STILL raining.

5 thoughts on “It is STILL raining.

  1. I kind of figured something was up when I got 2 emails from you with some weird name in the subject. Hopefully you got it fixed. Yup…I’m done with the rain too. Makes me sleepy and this time change is for the birds. We all woke up at 720 this morning. Let’s just say we all got our exercise in.

  2. It is still raining here, too. But it is supposed to let up tomorrow, which makes me happy. And we have three boxes of thin mints in the freezer. Cookies definitely make everything better!

  3. At least it is rain and not snow :)! Cookies are still plentiful around here because someone *me* was very silly and gave up sweets for Lent.

    Hope you are feeling better!

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