Sick Music

Woke up Saturday morning feeling snuffly. 

Sunday, snufflier. 

Monday, snufflier-er.

Today, worse still.  I figured a cup of hot coffee and a hot shower would help.


Yesterday, my plan was to pretend that I wasn’t sick and maybe I wouldn’t notice that I was.  You know, sort of a mind-over-matter deal. 

Matter is far superior to my mind, apparently.

Today I didn’t even try.  I am sick, and golly, I give up. 

The Man thought maybe ice cream and girl scout cookies (of which we seem to have acquired like 9 boxes) would cheer me up.  However, I cannot taste anything at the moment.  I decided that it would be a terrible thing to waste cookies and ice cream, so I ate some raw broccoli instead.  It was not good.  I thought that maybe the fact that I couldn’t taste it would make it more palatable. 


I flipped through the pottery barn catalog.  That is never a good idea for me.  I get a LOT of ideas.  A.  Lot.  Anyway, somehow, I came across something and it reminded me that I had these antique suitcases in the basement.  I bought them in Maine at an antiques/junk store one summer probably close to twenty years ago. 

So I dug them out and dusted them off and stuck them in the family room.  I think they fill the space perfectly. 

Then I decided to put some music on. 

Did I mention that my birthday was on Saturday?  (That was the day I woke up with the snuffles.)  Well, for my birthday The Man got me this fancy Bose speaker thing.  Boy does it sound nice.

So anyway, I put on the music.  It is just amazing what a little music can do for your mood.  I know you want to know what I listened to. 

Ice Ice Baby. 

I do not kid.

(That is actually the only song of Vanilla Ice’s that I know.) 

((And probably the only song I would like.))

Don’t hate me because I am so cool.


Sick Music

6 thoughts on “Sick Music

  1. All right – party in the cul-de-sac. I’ll bring my running man/stir the pot moves down. That sight is sure to make you feel better. I’m sorry you’re sick…maybe a walk in the fresh spring air might help?

  2. Toni :O) says:

    “To your mother!” Hah….although, darn it! I really meant to wish you a Happy Birthday Saturday and the day ran away from me as I was gone all day! I even wrote it in my calendar (I even saw it Thursday and thought, nope, too early!) to wish you one cause you know, we’re exactly a week apart…although, you’re younger cause I’ll be 4-0 Saturday! Sorry you’re under the weather…glad to hear music lifted your mood and hope you’re on the mend soon. Take care and here’s hoping this is the best year yet for ya! :O)

  3. Mom says:

    I totally remember those suitcases. Remember, I asked the antique dealer if we could get a better price, and he said, “sure, I could charge you more”. Not exactly what we had in mind. “Elmer’s”–that was the name of the big old barn where we found the luggage. Good memories…

    Take care honey.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    Hope you feel better soon. My kiddo’s have it and I’m trying to avoid it.

    That said…. love ICE ICE BABY. Nothing like a little Vanilla Ice to make a day better. (It’s the only song of his I know also)

    Take Care,

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