Days like this.

I do laundry on Fridays.  At least that’s what’s on my list of stuff-to-do for Friday.  But I’m doing a little laundry today.  Washing the sheets.  Washing the blankets.  There has been an incidence of lice in the school.  And even though I cannot find even a hint of a nit on any of my children, that does not quell the compulsion to launder.  I can’t help it.  And therefore, I deviate from my self-imposed schedule prison. 

If you peeked through my window this morning, you would have seen me checking heads.  I think I actually held my breath (unintentionally) while I did it.  As though I was afraid I might accidentally inhale a nit or something.  Which I realize is impossible as they secrete some sort of sticky substance which helps them cling to hair to prevent their removal, and accordingly also prevents their accidental inhalation.   

Having children exposes you to the dirty stuff in life.  Poop, pee, dirt, a little vomit here and there, boogers, lice.   I’m sure that list is not exhaustive.  So gross. 

Now I listen to the washer.  And I’m sitting here next to Henry and Ella.  Henry is helping Ella with a workbook.  She is thrilled to have her own workbook.  Although Henry is having trouble letting her do it “all by self.”  Which will result in a fight.  Any moment now.

Regarding the aforementioned schedule prison, today is my “fun” day.  I gave myself a fun day so that I wouldn’t go insane.  So on Tuesdays, I do yardwork (which is fun!).  But, in February in Virginia, yardwork isn’t generally necessary.  So inside, I care for the orchids, and that’s about it.  So I’m going to put in some time today, doing what I didn’t do yesterday, (which was floors and dusting day).  I’ll be cleaning the hardwood floors today.  Sort of looking forward to it.  Is that wierd?  Probably. 

(Just fyi, Ella is over there singing her abc’s now.  I think she’s advanced.  🙂  She is so awesome.)

(And Henry is doing math addition flashcards.  He is also so advanced and super awesome.)

(Oh, and Kate has a test on Mali today.  Boy did I learn some stuff about Mali.  It amazes me the stuff I do not know.  Since I am highly intelligent, I am surprised by this.)

Back to the floors.  Actually I am finished with talking about floors.  I will tell you that during Ella’s nap, I am going to read a little, and make the PW’s cauliflower soup.  I changed it up a little because it needed more depth for me.  I put some bacon in it, and also something else…which I can’t remember right now.   It is going to be a cloudy, cool day–perfect for soup.  And actually, all my kids eat this soup…even Ella.  That is saying something.  William actually begs for it.  Cauliflower.  Whatever works.

(Which reminds me of a story.  One time at Christmas Mass a while back, there was a family with two little boys at church.  The mother whipped out a sack of Christmas ham for her boys to keep them quiet.  She looked at us and said–her exact words–“whatever works.”  The Man and I have not stopped laughing about that one yet.  It has become one of our favorites through the years.) 

Now Ella is yelling at Henry because he is singing his abc’s in the bathroom (in order to irritate her).  Why do I not have a surprised feeling?  She is standing there with her alphabet cards, in her pink teddy bear jammies, spreading them out on the coffee table…alternately singing and yelling at her brother…her little bare feet stepping…she picks each card up, says “yes!” 

I want to run over there and squeeze her but that will tick her off.

Watching her, sometimes I think I might actually burst.  

I am so lucky to have days like this. 

So, so lucky.


Days like this.

13 thoughts on “Days like this.

  1. i'm no miss says:

    i’m just dropping by..

    your post made me think of a beautiful chaos..

    i’m inspired to give my favorite-1yr old-only son a baby sister or a brother in the near future.

    all the best always!

  2. Kristin, I’m totally picturing that cabinet list of yours (which btw I am sooo going to copy when I get around to organizing myself.) Anyhoo, I am also imagining how if sharing church air molecules make you a little freaked out, that sharing air molecules with lice would send you into paper-bag-needing territory. 🙂 Fingers crossed that you guys avoid the lice horror. A little out-of-order laundry day certainly won’t hurt.
    And you are of course right–we are so so lucky to have these days.

  3. I love this post! Love it! (Well, all but the lice part… I shudder.) What a beautiful picture of grasping and living in the moment. You do that so well, friend. 🙂

  4. Good luck avoiding the lice (this is when I am glad we are not yet in the school system, though that will change next year)! I have heard tales of pinworms as well… I think that pinworms might be worse than lice. This conversation is totally making my head itch, so I’m going to go clean something, lol!

  5. cute cute cute! I’m picturing her in those little pjs! I like that you have a built in “fun day.” I need one of those! May the lice stay far, far away from your house!

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