I have done it. 

I have invited a fellow blogger, that I don’t know, to my house.

Now I am nervous.

I am nervous about the most ridiculous things. 

Like what if she notices a spider web along the ceiling somewhere…

Or what if I make the coffee too strong…

Or what if she hates the raspberry orange bread I’m going to make…

Or what if she is really allergic to dust and I forget to dust this week…

Or what if Ella is a bully…

Or what if she is actually a crazy stalker person…

(I am writing down her name on a piece of paper and I am going to place it in a secret place for my husband to find so that if I disappear, you will know who did it.)

Oh, I kid about that last one, pretty much. 

It is kind of wierd to think about, though.

So, Jo, I just want you to know that I actually cleaned the windows yesterday.  If you happen to notice smudges, or like, footprints on them, that’s Ella.  She likes to lay on the back of the couch, with her bare feet firmly pressed against the windows.  Fun! 

I hope you like it here.


9 thoughts on “Visiting

  1. Oh wow, you’re making raspberry orange bread? For ME? Yummm.
    And seriously, the coffee too strong? You do NOT need to worry.
    Really, you shouldn’t have even cleaned.
    Also, I actually am a crazy person. Just not a crazy STALKER person. So I think you’ll be safe.
    See you soon!!

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