Plans, because I need them.

Today is day 7.  I think.  Maybe 8.  It’s hard to remember when all the snow started.  It all kind of blurs together.


The Man will go to work again today. 

Yesterday, I was not all that productive.

I worked for 4 hours.

I edited photos and tried to nail down my favorites from 2009.  For at least 3 hours.  Maybe 4.

Kate and I made supper together.  She is such a joy to cook with.  Seriously.

I ate a lot more Milk Duds.  That was not productive.  But somehow, sitting there doing accounting is much more palatable when there are Milk Duds involved. 

There must be something else that I did yesterday that I’m forgetting…

So since yesterday was rather unproductive, I’ve got a list of things I’d like to accomplish today.  Perhaps if I publicize it, I will actually DO it.  So here it is:

  • put out seed for the birds.  I love watching them.
  • make orange cranberry bread
  • clean the powder room.  yuck.  I should just do that first, because I will be unhappy and dreading it until it is done. 
  • check p-dub’s website to see if my photo made the cut.  Which it won’t.  And then I’ll be disappointed.  But not surprised.  I do this every time.  I think that MY photo submission will stand out among some 28,000 entries.  And then when it doesn’t stand out, I wonder why I ever thought it would.  And then I feel dumb.
  • iron
  • start the laundry (notice how I did not quantify this item?  All I really have to do is start the laundry.  Very clever).
  • fire up the crock pot for carne adovada
  • make a list of all the stuff I need for Valentine’s Day.  No, I haven’t gotten the stuff yet.
  • play in the snow
  • take pictures of the snow. 
  • not eat candy
  • do puzzles with Ella
  • do workbooks with Kate, William and Henry
  • move dollhouse out of Kate’s room.  She doesn’t play with it anymore.  That is sad.
  • shovel off the deck and stairs.  Maybe just the deck.  I need to be realistic here.
  • snuggle up with a movie and some popcorn and my four favorite small people.
  • Finish that book I’m reading that I’m really disappointed with.  More on that another time.  Because it is a deep subject and I do not feel deep right now. 

Alrighty, so that should keep me busy.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Or not.

Plans, because I need them.

6 thoughts on “Plans, because I need them.

  1. Pace yourself girlfriend…there are 5 more days until the world gets back to regular programming. Good luck with your list but knowing you, you’re probably halfway through.

  2. That’s an ambitious list. Mine looks more like this:

    -hem and haw about needing to exercise
    -procrastinate the exercise by playing “red and blue cars” with my little man
    -change into my exercise clothes
    -hem and haw a little longer
    -do breakfast dishes
    -exercise. sigh.
    -make granola
    -write a blog post
    -check the mail?
    -make Valentine trail mix for Cassie’s class
    -drag myself to parent teacher conferences (which I find really quite pointless if I’m being honest)
    -make dinner
    -mommy and daddy time
    -bed by 9:30

    Maybe I should hire you as my life coach in hopes that you can help to improve my list ambition. It would require meeting in person, and that bbq you’ve promised. Whatcha think?

  3. Ok, so, of all the things that go through my mind as I read this… carne adovada! I LOVE carne adovada. Then my mind goes through this whole rabbit trail of how one of the spells in the Harry Potter books sounds like carne adovada and that’s how I pronounce it every single time, even though it’s not anywhere near carne adovada, then I spend 15 minutes trying to remember what the actual spell is, but I can’t and I REFUSE to go look it up because I have to get over my OCD.

    As you can see, I’m not nearly as productive as you. 🙂

    Hope you had a good day.

    P.S. It’s Avada Kadavra, in case you were wondering. Yes, I looked it up.

  4. Been feeling a lot like this lately. have the desire in my heart but “sigh” no ambition to do it. If my body would just move at the pace my mind does, I would be all set.

    I’d like to think I have an excuse that hope to post very later tonight but I’m still thinking there no excuse for laziness.

    Hope you got some of your list done!!!

  5. Dear Kristen,

    Thank-you for making me feel like a lazy bum.



  6. Wow. Thanks for that. My ambitions for today? Get out of my pj’s, and maybe go for a run. Oh, and a pedicure this afternoon… if I can get out of my pj’s.

    You might need to intervene.

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