What to say…

There’s not a lot going on my friends. 

I could tell you about how last night I took this quiz based on color preferences.  This here quiz was supposed to supply me with a nice list of suitable occupations based on the colors I prefer.  Stuff I would enjoy doing. 

–sidenote here.  I am not looking for a job.  I do not know why I took the quiz.  It was just a quiz.  I also took a quiz about my ideal place to live the other day.  I got Australia.  My mom got Poland.  Ha ha ha!  That still makes me laugh, Mom.  I’m sorry, I shouldn’t laugh, I know.  Now, back to the color quiz results–

Interestingly, I would apparently enjoy driving a school bus or being a short order cook (which is kindof what I do all day anyway).  I would also apparently enjoy being a roofer.  Like, the kind on top of roofs.  Mm-hmm. 

I could also tell you that I ate a whole lotta Milk Duds today.

I could tell you that another 12 inches of snow is going to fall tonight.  And that I’m not tired of it yet.  But I’m getting slightly tired of Webkinz. 

I could tell you that Ella has been wearing a camisole and diaper for the last three days.  Because she gets “too hot” and strips down and I just really don’t care.  It’s not like we’re going anywhere.

Or that I shoveled snow for the last two days and I.Am.Sore.

Or that I think accounting can be mind-numbing.

Or that I recently watched Enchanted and I liked it.  And I think that I need a happy working song.  Do you think I would enjoy cleaning a little more if I had a happy little working song?  How we all enjoy letting loose with a little la da da da dum…  I need something because I seem to be lacking motivation these days.

I could tell you that I got Ella’s preschool acceptance letter in the mail.  And that it did not make me happy.  And that I have not really ever been all that excited for her to go to preschool.  In fact, I think I’m beginning to dread it.  Sigh…

I’m really tired now.  I’ve been staring at this screen blankly trying to figure out some oh-so-clever way to wrap up this post.  There is just nothing there, folks. 

So I guess that’s it.  Goodnight.


6 thoughts on “Miscellaneous

  1. Sick of winter…you can have it :)!

    LOVE Enchanted. Have you seen Stardust? Another really good one.

    Ella…preschool? Um, weren’t you just pregnant at an IEP meeting with me last week? Guess that was a few years ago, huh? Where is she going to preschool?

  2. I second the Stardust thing- it was a pretty good movie. We just signed Nolan up for real preschool (he goes to a mommy-and-me thing right now) and I’m having a hard time with the fact that he’ll be without mommy next year. I think sending the “baby” off is the hardest!

  3. I can’t believe this snow. Today is a blizzard! Hope there are still milk duds left in the house.

    It is crazy that Ella will be going to preschool; just like it’s crazy that my little guy will be in kindergarten in the fall. How did THAT happen?

  4. I’m laughing at this… according to all those crazy quizzes, apparently I should be independently wealthy, living in Italy, wearing Italian shoes and driving a Ferrari. Does this mean I don’t like to work? 🙂

    I love posts about the mundane… because it’s peeks into the beauty of the ordinary, you know, the finding beauty in every moment kind of things. Happy *another* snow day to you.

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