12 boots lined up by the fire

and in the dryer…

4 pairs of snowpants

4 mittens

8 gloves

6 hats

2 scarves

6 soggy winter coats


wooden floors, littered with towels, dotted with clumps of snow…melting.

Through frosted windowpanes all I can see is snow.  Cold.  But our home feels warm.  Snug. 

Reddened ankles and

reddened wrists

runny noses

ruddy cheeks

sparkling eyes

melted snowflakes still glistening in their hair…on their eyelashes

8 little hands cupping warm mugs


my heart is bursting.


5 thoughts on “Bursting

  1. Oh no! Preschool is coming… You will be ok. Maybe have another baby to ease the pain? : ) I keep telling Gary we need another one. I have no idea what he is waiting for. Apparently for me to turn 100 since I am practically there already : )

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