Rose Colored World

We bundled up last night, and headed out for a walk around the neighborhood in the midst of the snowstorm.  I remember when I was a girl, walking around at night in the snow.  It was rare that we ever got a lot of snow where we lived.  I remember how quiet it was back then.  And how bright it was at night, with all that moonlight bouncing off the snow.  That’s what I expected to find, last night.

Instead, the moment we stepped outside, we were engaged in a snowball fight with our neighbor.  And then, when I insisted that we get walking before the two year old froze, we left.  Turned the corner, only to find more neighbors.  Shoveling.  Sledding.  Laughing.  We all enjoyed a drink together, and laughed about all this snow we’re getting.  The kids played.  And then, when this mom felt as though her hands might fall off, we headed home. 

I, for one, am thrilled about this snow.  The moment there is snow in the forecast, I begin the planning in my mind.  In my rose colored world, we’ll all go outside together and play for hours.  We’ll be rosy cheeked and beautiful.  I’ll take photos, and we’ll build the most wonderful snowman.  Then we’ll come inside, peel off layers and layers of clothing, and I’ll make hot cocoa on the stove while the kids put on their warm jammies.   And together we’ll sit and thaw.  We’ll sip and stir.  We’ll laugh.  And then we’ll gather round the television for a movie, complete with all the trimmings of junior mints, twizzlers, dots and good & plentys and of course, popcorn.  We’ll snuggle under blankets by the fire while we escape into the world of make-believe for a while.  And all will be right with the world, for just a little while.

And then?  Then we’ll go outside again.  When the snow stops, we’ll build a fire in the fire pit, roast marshmallows, and hopefully enjoy the company of our neighbors and the warm glow of a fire in the midst of 30 inches of snow. 

The kids will go to bed exhausted in the best kind of way.  And surely, they’ll dream about things like dancing snowmen and chocolate snowflakes, and masterfully-crafted snow forts complete with tunnels and piles upon piles of snowballs.   

You see, ’round here, this just doesn’t happen, this winter wonderland sort of thing. Only in rose-colored worlds.

Rose Colored World

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