Fwotties can move mountains.

Ella is now walking. 

With a limp. 

I was just wondering if possibly there was a slight chance that she was maybe simply terrified of feeling pain and not quite actually feeling it.  So I took off the temporary splint, told her her boo-boo (aka broken ankle or whatever) was all better, and that she could walk. 

“Go Ahead”, I said…”take a step!”  

And she freaked out a teensy. 

So I told her she could have some Smarties if she took a step. 


“Fwotties.  You can have fwotties if you take a step.” 

Very tentatively, she took a few steps.  And then said “Boo boo all gone, Mom.”

And then I puffed up my chest and nodded my head in affirmation of my high intelligence.  I am so stinkin’ smart. 

And then, from the anals of the house I hear a tiny sound. 

“Hurts Mom!”

Clearly, I am not that smart.

The saga continues…

Fwotties can move mountains.

14 thoughts on “Fwotties can move mountains.

  1. Oh, dear. Something is definitely wrong- it’s either a bad sprain or the X-rays missed something. If fwotties couldn’t fix it, something is amiss!

  2. When do you go back for a recheck?

    My sister’s 3 yr old son broke his foot jumping off of the sofa a few months ago. No swelling or anything, and nothing showed up on the initial xrays. The second set showed two small breaks and they casted his little leg for a few weeks. I think sometimes it can be difficult to tell at first…I hope your little sweetie feels better very soon.

  3. I just went back and read from a few days ago, poor little Ella! And poor momma! Those kinds of accidents always make me feel awful! I hope she’s bouncing around the house again real soon!

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