Something is definitely wrong.

It’s just undetectable, at the moment.

You know how it goes…

You’re sitting there, after dinner and the kids are all full of energy and all you feel is fluffy and full and tired and you know bedtime is right around the corner and all the jammies and teethbrushing and showers and books etc. is about to begin. 

You let the kids go downstairs for a few minutes before it is time to start the routine. 

And you hear lots of playing and happy screaming and fun stuff going on down there while you and The Man clear the table and talk about what kind of dog you’re not going to get.

And you check to make sure there is no football being played.  And they say to you “we’re only doing it in slow motion and we don’t have a football…it’s just a pretend football.”  That makes you laugh a little.

There is more laughter, and feeting padding around on the floor down there, and happy screams.

And then there is the other kind of scream.  

And you run down the stairs and there is the two year old pudgey baby girl laying at the bottom of the stairs crying.  And the big brothers are huddled over her, concerned.  (And probably just ever so slightly concerned that they could be in BIG trouble.) 

Something about tag, and chasing each other and base, and she jumped and landed funny.

Now she can’t walk.

That was last night.

So this morning when she woke up, I asked her to wiggle her toes.  Extreme pain followed that little exercise.  But no swelling.  No bruising.  No outward signs of injury.  Eerily similar to when William jumped and landed funny and there was no swelling and no bruising.  But there was a fractured growth plate in his ankle.

So we go to the doctor.  He pokes and prods and manipulates and finds no signs of a problem, except that when she tries to stand up she cries hysterically.

So he sends us for an x-ray, which turns out clear.  No breaks.

So she is fine.

Except that she won’t walk.

She won’t even stand.  She just sits there.  And she’s not normally a sitter, so this is just a little bit pathetic. 

So we will wait a week and see if she gets better, and if not, then they will re-x-ray it and perhaps then they will be able to see a break, as it will be healing by then and will show on an x-ray. 

Good thing we have a lot of videos.  And jellycat.  And Ollie Baa Baa.  (That’s her lamb.)  And warm blankets. 

And each other.

Something is definitely wrong.

11 thoughts on “Something is definitely wrong.

  1. Oh NO! Oh, bless her poor heart. I’m so sorry for the dear little thing. Praying it’s nothing and tomorrow she will bound out of bed just fine. 😦

  2. I’m cracking up. Ollie Baa Baa.

    But not laughing about your baby – hope she’s better. At least you WENT to the doctor. Gunnar fell off the monkey bars September (of 08) and it was four days before I got a clue. He had a buckle fracture. Poor baby. They somehow survive us.


  3. Kelly says:

    Oh… Poor Ella. I can’t imagine her sitting still for too long. Hope she’s feeling better soon. Let me know if you need anything.

  4. Oh, dear. Any two year old that doesn’t run around like a maniac is hurting. I pray that she heals soon and that there is no fracture. What did they do for your son, when he fractured a growth plate?

    These kinds of things are meant to give mothers more gray hair…

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