My friends got a puppy today. 

We’re not getting a dog.

The kids have been vocalizing their desire for a dog for about two years now. 

We have explained that we don’t have the time to put into a puppy right now.  Or even a mature dog.  We just don’t have the time.  And they aren’t exactly cheap, either.  Moving right along…   

I’ve been sick for a few days now.  It didn’t start to hit me real good until Christmas, and even then I guess the splendor of giggles and squeals and the soft glow of candles and the candy canes had me distracted.

So anyway, I’ve been feeling yucky for a couple days.  Yesterday, I was just plain tired.  So I took a two hour nap.  Then I cleaned the bathrooms. 

Today, I did nothing.  Not.  One.  Thing.

Except I did spend several hours googling beagles and pugs.

I read quite a lot about what the best breed of dog for our family is.  Even though we’re not getting a dog. 

I think the final decision about what type of dog we’re not getting lies between a pug and a beagle.  Somewhere in the search, I thought about puggles.  And I googled that, and became convinced that I would just be getting overcharged for a mutt.  The puggles I saw were a minimum of $1000.  That is one THOUSAND.  For a mutt.  Though they are rather darling, I decided that was probably not the route I wanted to take.

Which leaves me with the pug, and the beagle.  Now, the beagle is my fave, except that from what I have read, they are slightly stubborn, and I’ve got all the stubborn I need around here.  And also, not the easiest to housebreak.  And I’m not a fan of eau de pee on the carpets.

And the pug?  Well the pug has some health concerns.  One of them is respiratory, and they tend to snore.  I also have all the “snore” I need around here already.  But I can overlook the snoring.  There is, however, one other little problem with the pug.  And that is the tail.  I don’t like the fact that it’s tail curls up, and leaves the bung (sorry, the only other appropriate word I could think of was sphincter) exposed.  I don’t think I want to see a bung.

So I just don’t know what to do about this.  This is highly important, you know.  Because like I said, we’re not getting a dog.

But if we were getting a dog, I wish we could just get a lab.  But The Man has said N.O. to that.  And he’s right…we couldn’t handle a lab right now.  Way too much on our plate already.

So back to my original point of I-did-nothing.  I spent hours searching for the dog we’re not getting. 

I’d like a dog. 


Someday, I’d really, really like one.  Just not quite yet.


7 thoughts on “Someday.

  1. Ha ha ha… Bri keeps talking about a dog for us, too. I’m on the fence and hope to stay there for a while. Asher wants a horse. HA! 🙂 Hope you feel better, friend.

  2. Hmmm-mmm, I think we should take bets on how long, er soon, it is until we see pictures of a puggle on this here blog 😉 – because a puggle is next on my dog list too!!!

  3. Don’t know a thing about puggles, but we’ve been the parents of two sister beagles. Stubborn doesn’t even begin to describe it. They were amazingly sweet (and hyper) and stayed in the yard like good little doggies for the first three years. And then one evening…a deer happened to wander by followed by the sound of beagles howling further and further into the woods as they dug out of the fence and tracked the deer. They were gone for 3 weeks. Thank heaven they had tags! Finally got them back when someone called us from 6 miles away!

    From that day forth they never stayed in the yard for more than 13 seconds again! No manner of concrete (they dug UNDER the buried fence), height of fence (they CLIMBED a privacy fence!), or shock collar (they would allow themselves to get BURNED by the zapping collars while figuring out how to escape) could keep them safely in our large back yard. After a year of trying, we finally gave them to a man who raises beagles. We were scared to death we’d find them run over in the road someday. Or that someone would shoot them.

  4. OK this is going to sound horrible because I had a dog growing up and Amara and I adore our dog (and loved the dog we lost 3 years ago). But, when we lose Dog2Amara (she’s not in the best of health and she’s getting up there in age), we have decided no more dogs. They are completely so much a part of your family that it’s hard to leave them. As in, you can stay out for one last glass of vino because the dog hasn’t eaten. Or putting the dog in the kennel will cost more than the family vacation you just planned. I don’t want to be the naysayer but I’m just saying. Sorry.

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