That’s what I’m feeling.

And also excited.  Joyful.  Content.

I can go from joyful to completely freaked out in 10 minutes.  And that is no exaggeration.

Is that what Christmas is? 


Christmas is beautiful. 

Christmas is peaceful.

Christmas is quiet.

Christmas is Ella learning about Santa.  And sitting on his lap.  And not screaming.  And recounting over and over again about Santa, and his lap, and his lollipops, and how he’s going to bring toys.

And that Santa.  Well.  He asked about Henry.  And then, quietly, he told us that tucked neatly under his fur-trimmed hat were his own hearing aids.  God bless him.  God bless him for sitting there, hour upon hour, listening to little children whisper their desires. 

Angels…Christmas is about angels.

Christmas is about how beautiful our house looks lit up at night.

And the smell of cloves, and cinnamon, and bay leaves and oranges.

And the glow of our Christmas tree in the evening.

Christmas is all of us, gathered around the table, eating something warm and good, together.

Christmas is love notes from little boys.

It is candy canes and hot cocoa.

And popcorn and Christmas movies.

And gingerbread men.  Oh how I love thee, gingerbread.

It is the UPS truck.  (Yes it is.  Brown rumbly trucks can sometimes equal (momentary) happiness.  I can’t help it.  I don’t get out much.) 

Christmas is packages, and pretty wrapping paper and bows and tags.

It is giving thanks for the blessings in our lives.

And it is sharing with those whose blessings may be few.

It is feeling the warmth of family.

Christmas is waiting.  Christmas is preparation.  Christmas is anticipation.

Christmas is the birth of a baby, in a cold manger, warmed by the breath of animals, heralded by angels, and visited by kings.

Sometimes, we forget that.  Christmas gets lost in all those lights, and pretty papers and bows and sparkly stuff.  Sometimes, in all the haste to get the shopping, and the wrapping and the decorating and the baking and the teacher gifts and the school party planning and the Christmas cards done, we become overwhelmed.  And exhausted.  And we don’t care anymore that Christmas is coming.  Jesus is coming. 




9 thoughts on “Overwhelmed.

  1. I was excited to see you pop up in my reader!

    That’s a perfect example of what Christmas is… a great reminder.

    I’m not the only one who gets excited for the UPS truck?!

  2. Toni :O) says:

    Lovely….yes, it is all a bit overwhelming, but I’m REALLY trying to breathe…take it all in and relax BIG time with my kids….one day of work left before having almost two weeks off (I only have to work a day and a half after Christmas…yay for me!). I need to slow down and savor and I’m really working on that, truly. I think going away for the night to a waterpark with the kids and hubby will certainly help…floating on a lazy river will MAKE me relax I’m certain of that! Big warm hugs sent your way for a very Merry Christmas to you all because yes, Jesus IS coming and He is the REASON for this beautiful season! Yay for us! :O)

  3. I love hearing other moms thoughts at Christmas time as we anticipate it all coming together. Celebrating the special moments. together as a family. Merry Christmas!

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