The Sounds We Hear

They bound off the bus and over to me.  The boys still fall into me as I give them hugs and plant kisses on their tousled little boys heads.  When will that end?  I wonder when will they feel too big to hug me in front of their friends…

They run all the way home…can’t slow these boys down. 

I made brownies this afternoon…the boys cannot sit still while they eat them.  Wiggling.  Kicking their feet.  Bobbing their heads.  Giggling.  I don’t understand the need for constant motion.  But now and then I like it.  Right now, I like it. 

The house is quiet.  The normal sounds…

the washing machine…

the children playing football in the basement (even though they know they’re not allowed to)  Blue 42

and someone crying because he was playing football in the basement (even though he’s not allowed to) and ran into a wall…

Ella, taking out all of our cups and spoons for tea…

footsteps thumping up and down the stairs and through the house on hardwood floors that echo more than I ever would have imagined possible…

Ella screeching because someone took away the DS (that she’s not allowed to play with)…

little boy whispers about spying…

and complaints from little girls about little boys who are spying on them…

and laughter.  There is a lot of laughter, too. 

Those normal sounds are hushed. 

I hear instead the dreams of a little boy.  Remember when we dreamed of what we would be? 

William says

Hey Mom…  This is what I’m going to do.  I’m going to retire from football when I’m 38 and then I’m gonna be a secret agent.

Then he slips on his secret agent sunglasses (which remind me strangely of a pair that I had when I was about 15), gives me a hug, and sits down to do his homework. 

So I write, while he writes.  And I answer questions like “Hey Mom, how do you spell nocturnal?”

I hear Henry in the basement playing with his friend.  Ella sleeps upstairs.  And Kate is at Art class. 

This is just how I thought it would be–motherhood.

My life.

The Sounds We Hear

9 thoughts on “The Sounds We Hear

  1. What a beautiful post – you’ve brought tears to my eyes. How much you love and appreciate your life is so evident in your words, it’s almost palpable through the screen.

  2. This post gives me a severe case of the warm and fuzzies. I really do love it. I know exactly what you mean about those sounds we hear and how it all comes together to be what we’d always hoped (or more).

  3. Oh goodness. I’m so seriously delinquent in my blog reading. But what a post to come back to. I very frequently find that your posts speak my mind for me. And this message of contentment and quiet joy is no different. Love it Kristen.

  4. […] The Sounds We Hear – Lots of times Kristen’s posts make me wonder if she’s somehow picking my brain and writing down exactly what I am thinking.  This one is no different.  Only she said it much more beautifully than I could. […]

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