Kate is a cheerleader.  Can I just say it?  I.Love.Cheerleading.  The entire thing is just.stinkin.cute.  Seriously.

Cute little poms…

Cheer Poms NST


Cute little shoes…

Cheer shoes NST


Cute little crates with cute little cusions for their cute little buns to rest upon…

Cheer Crates NST


Cute little smiles…

Kate Cheering NST




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Laundry is my nemesis. And also dust.

6 responses to “Cute

  1. Mom

    What a doll! She resembles you in that photo. I just love her so.

  2. She is pretty darn cute! Watch out your phone is going to be ringing soon. Are you and the Man ready?

  3. Oh, I love it, too! :) Great pictures, and Jen’s right… the phone is going to be ringing soon!

  4. Love the shoes and that last picture, what a beauty! Jen and Angie are right, you’re going to need a 2nd line.

    Love the new pictures on your side bar!

  5. oh I missed so many great posts while I was taking (yet another) break from blogging. She is so grown up – when did that happen? It’s not just that she’s beautiful, but her ‘happy’ just beams through that photo!

  6. Erika

    Oh my goodness. What happened to Kate? Is that the same Kate you photographed just a few months ago? Somehow she looks to have entered a time warp and come out nearly a teenager…she looks beautiful, inside and out!

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