Saturday Evening Blog Post

This post was intended to be published last night.  However, you actually have to push “PUBLISH” for it to be published.  Which clearly, I forgot to push.  So here you go, my Sunday morning Saturday Evening Blog Post…


I’m sitting here, way too late at night, sipping my theraflu and watching college football.  Well, I guess I’m listening to college football and reading blogs.  And I came across The Saturday Evening Blog Post by way of Heather of the EO (who by the way is fab).  Here you can link up with your favorite post from the previous month.

So I went back and took a little look-see at what I had going on in September, and what I found was that there was not a lot going on apparently.  (Which is strange because I somehow have not had any time to clean this house for the last two weeks because I am so busy.  I have been staring at the same string of drips on my hardwood floor for a while now.  And I keep thinking I’m going to get those…as soon as I finish suchandsuch I’m going to get those drips of whoknowswhat.  And yet, there they remain.)

Anyway, the one September post that stood out to me was this one.  If you’ve got something to share, head on over.  If not, head on over anyway, you’re sure to find something worth your while there. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m going to go to beddy bye.  The events of last night have me worn down completely.  And let me just be clear here in that they were not “good” events.  There was throwup.  And I think that’s all I need to say.

Oh, PS, check out my giveaway below — Woohoo!

Saturday Evening Blog Post

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