What Part of “It’s time to sleep” Don’t You Understand?

Just in case I ever forget what bedtime is like with a two-year-old, I compiled this lovely list of things Ella likes to do (in lieu of sleeping) at bedtime.   

Talk to Yow, the cat formerly known as Jellycat.

Rifle through her drawers for her Hokie shirt.

Get naked.

Try to get the Hokie shirt on.  Which she cannot do without getting an arm stuck in some wierd position.  Which leads to panic and shrieking. 

Poop.  (Could she not take care of this personal stuff 10 minutes before I leave the room?)

Take the cushions off the rocker and ottoman.

Lay on the floor and peek underneath the door.

Bang on the door.

Open the shutters.

Close the shutters.

Open the shutters.

Slam the shutters closed three times real fast.

Dismember her Madame Alexander dolls.  This is mildly disturbing.

Pull 50 baby wipes out of the brand new package. 

Tear each and every book she owns to shreds.  She is stealthy.  You can’t hear a thing until it’s too late.

Anything other than sleep.

Actually, it rather amuses me, these things she does.  Except for the book ripping.  Totally not amused by that.  At all. 

Oh Ella.  I’m going to miss you when you’re big.  Truly.

Ella B&W NST

What Part of “It’s time to sleep” Don’t You Understand?

7 thoughts on “What Part of “It’s time to sleep” Don’t You Understand?

  1. Lemme guess. She’s in a big girl bed? We had some book casualties as well when Dani made the transition. Totally NOT amusing.
    But the other things she’s doing? Yeah, they’re pretty darn cute. And oh my word–that face!! Impossible to be cross with her!

  2. Have you heard the Tom Chapin song, “Bedtime Round”?

    “Oh mom, I need a drink of water, just a small one/
    Mom, I need another story — just a short one/
    Oh, Mom — I need another hug.”

    “Go to sleep.”

    “I need another hug.”

  3. And the good news? At least one of your older children sleeps soundly through all the noise (a small silver lining for you :))!

    That face! You are D-O-O-M-E-D when she is a teenager!

  4. Toni :O) says:

    She is SUCH a little stinker! I guess it’s time to move EVERYTHING out of her room except her bed…that way she has nothing else to do except terrorize her bed right?! Hah! Then she’ll finally get bored and just go to sleep! Okay, well at least remove all books from her room (and maybe the dolls while they still have a chance!). Good luck, I hope it improves soon.

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