Spicy Apple Juice–Not a Recipe

One day your daughter will tell you that the apple juice hurts her tongue.  And you will think she is nuts.  And then the next day your son will tell you that the apple juice is “spicy.”  You sniff it, cautiously, hoping not to vomit.  And then you will say “Henry, you’re crazy.  You asked for that juice, now you drink it.” 

Never mind that the apple juice container has puffed up and is weebly.  And never mind the pfffffffffft sound you get when you open it.  Yeah, don’t worry about that.at.all.  It smells normal, so that’s clearly all that matters.  Clearly.

On the third day your daughter will tell you — again — that the juice hurts her tongue.

That, plus the pfffffft, and the weeblyishness are all holding hands in your brain now.  Interesting.  Now you will taste the juice.  Vomiting is a good possibility here.   

And then you realize the reason for the children’s early morning buzzes for the past two days.  (Totally kidding.  Don’t get all freaked out.  No one was buzzy.)

Please, if your juice bottle is puffy, and you hear the pffffffft, discard.  

P.S.  I ate three baggies of chips while writing this.  Which has nothing to do with the apple juice fermentation but I thought the chip-eating should be documented.

Spicy Apple Juice–Not a Recipe

10 thoughts on “Spicy Apple Juice–Not a Recipe

  1. I don’t know why, but this reminded me of when I was little we had a mulberry tree next to our house. I think it was a mulberry. Regardless, it had purple berries that would ripen, fall to the ground and ferment as I learned later. And all the little birds would weeeeeble wobble around … I thought that was so so funny. I should have called the bird taxi to take them home 😉

    Fermenting fruit can be entertaining sometimes!

  2. We have all been there! Just discovered your blog. Read the first couple of entries…so far I laughed and cried. Your work is beautiful and creative. Thanks for a great afternoon pick-me-up. I’m new to this blogging world. Come find me and my 3 little posts at lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com.

  3. This was SO funny : )
    So, one time Kaishon was complaining about his cereal, and I was like “I don’t want any excuses. EAT it all up this instant.” And then later that night when I was pouring him milk for supper I saw the problem. That’s right I had made my baby eat rotton milk for breakfast. Please send my Mother of the Year award to me immediately : )

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