We set up the toddler bed this weekend.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  The Man kind of took the ball and ran with the idea, and I pretty much stood there, like in one of those dreams where you’re trying to run, but your legs won’t move.  Knowing it is the right thing, but knowing what it means…the baby is gone.  The last baby is gone. 

(Of course the last time I thought that, I gave all the baby stuff away and promptly became pregnant.) 

But really this time, the last baby is gone.  Really.

So we have a toddler bed now.  And bedtime with Ella?  It’s always interesting. 

We read books together.

We snuggle.

We sing.

We kiss.  And kiss.  And kiss.

And then I say good night, and close the door.

After a couple minutes, the door handle rattles…she tries to open her door.  It’s late.  I’m exhausted.

So now, admittedly a teensy bit annoyed at her blatant disregard for the stay-in-your-bed rule, I open her door intent on plopping her right back in bed. 

I see her dolls–all of them nude and lined up on the chair. 

Her socks lay in a crumpled mess on the floor.  As does her diaper.  And her jammies. 

And then I see her, behind the door.  Completely naked. 

“Ello” she says, and then she bursts through the door and streaks down the hall, laughing and screeching and smacking her buns. 

Our laughter does nothing to discourage her, I’m sure.

I pick her up, and scold her gently for getting out of her bed.  I put on her ladybug jammies and the Hokie jersey that she simply insists on wearing to bed tonight (I can’t say I blame her–did you see that come-from-behind win against Nebraska?).  And some striped socks.  She’s two.  She has some very definite opinions on fashion.  And they’re questionable, imho.  But whatever, it looks cute on two. 

She settles into my shoulder, and we stand there, rocking back and forth.  Moments like these are fleeting, I know.

“It’s time to sleep now, Ella”  I tell her.

“Oh” she says. 

“No more getting out of bed.”


“Ella, you’re my baby.” 


“You’ll always be my baby.”


“I love you, Ella.”


 Good night baby girl.



7 thoughts on “Bedtime

  1. This brought tears to my eyes. The last baby is in the crib now and I know it won’t be long before our last baby is gone too. I’m looking forward to the next stage, but I hate thinking about our babies all being big.

  2. Toni :O) says:

    Oh my…I would crack up myself…it just can’t be helped I know. It’s sort of how I cracked up AFTER my son and I had the deodorant talk last week because the fifth grade teacher informed us that her room is a tad *ripe* after recess and there was NO way she was going to talk to the kids about deodorant…it was OUR job to do that. Needless to say, we had the talk and then I promptly chuckled by myself afterwards…hard to believe I’m talking to my *baby* at almost 11 about deodorant!

  3. Mom says:

    You were always the one who listened when we said to stay in bed, but I know how you feel. I had a baby like that one too. Bedtime was a challenge and she spent many a night on the floor beside our bed, for many years, I might add. And now she’s getting married. No more baby. And now I’m about to cry.

    Love you, Mom

  4. I can just picture Ella running down the hall yelling – nude – hehe!

    Can’t believe she’s in a toddler bed – still seems like you were just pregnant with her – wow, time flies!

  5. I gave away all our baby stuff too and got prego with #3 😉 Funny how life works. She is getting so big but she’ll always be your baby. They will all always be our babies. Sniff. PS: Aren’t you so glad you have your blog to capture all these moments?

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