So when the kids got home from school on Tuesday I asked them about their first day of school.  I was particularly interested in what Henry had to say about his first day of kindergarten.  (Especially considering I forgot to put the FM receivers on his hearing aids so that he would actually be able to follow and like, you know, hear, during class.  Have I ever mentioned my brilliance?)

Me:  Henry, did you go outside at school today?

***side note:  often in our kindergarten classes they play outside in an enclosed blactop area…no playground equipment…so they can play kickball or other games like that)***

Henry:  Yes.

Me:  Who did you play with? 

Henry:  No one.  I just stood there.  (Okay, right about there I just needed to hoist my heart back up from my stomach into it’s normal cavity real quick before I continued on with my questioning). 

Sad Me:  Well, what were the other kids doing? 

Henry:  They were playing with all the balls so I didn’t have anything to do.

Sad Me:  Did you ask if you could play with them? 

Henry:  Yes and they didn’t want to.  (Okay, are you trying to kill me Henry?  I now feel totally and completely horrible…)  Henry continued on:  There weren’t enough balls and they didn’t want to share.  (Hooligans, they were.)

Sad Sad Sad Me:  What were all the kids without balls doing?

Henry:  They were just standing there, too.  (So I now have this sad picture in my head of a bunch of 5 year olds, nervous and sad and lonely, moping around for 15 minutes with nothing to do, while the three street-toughs with big red playground balls run around joyfully not sharing.  Yes, I have been known to mingle with drama now and then.) 

The next day he came home with two scraped up knees and a bloody elbow.

Because they played tag at recess today.

He fell down.

He got some booboos.

He cried.

He got bandaids.

He was all better.

In summation, scraped up extremeties + band-aids = a good day in kindergarten.  At least for little boys. 

And also, little boys with band-aids on their knees are really stinkin’ cute.


6 thoughts on “Recess

  1. At least the hooligans didn’t start a game of dodge ball. My heart was breaking with yours. No mama likes to hear that their child was not included. The first week always has some hiccup or two but looks like Henry is finding his way just fine.

  2. Oh! My Weston just started Kindergarten too…just about rips your heart out, huh? Glad he had a good day, I agree scapped up knees and bandaids=good day for 5 year old boy!! 🙂

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