Off you go.

And here I stand, hoping that the other parents don’t see the traces of my tears. 

I watch you step onto that big bus.  Watch you look so small.  Too small to go.

I want desperately those days when you were silent…when you were round and soft…when you had red curls falling on your face…when  With me.   

But I know that your little wings are ready to learn to soar.  Every little thing about you is ready. 

Don’t forget to wash your hands before snack.  Don’t forget your manners.  Don’t forget to not pick your nose.

Don’t forget that I’ll be here, waiting for you.  I’ll always be here.

Now fly, little boy. 


Henry First Day of Kindergarten B&W NST


9 thoughts on “Fly

  1. I’m a little teary now because my little boy started his senior year this week. I’m only able to think about this in short bursts of time, or in the shower, where I’m allowed to cry: only a year ’til he’s gone . . . .

    I used to get so annoyed with moms who had older children, and who told me, “oh the time goes by so quickly . . . ” Now, I’m that annoying mom.

    Henry seems so confident and comfortable in his own skin and ready to fly — he’s off to a great start, thanks to a wonderful mama making sure his wings are strong.

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