I’m So Very Sorry

I just want to take this moment to apologize to the two young ladies who will eventually marry my boys.  Because hunnies, they are never ever ever ever ever ever ever going to master the fine art of putting the lid down.  Nor will they flush consistently.  Nor will they admit it when they’re the one who didn’t flush. 

Seriously, I will walk into the bathroom and the lid will be up and the water will be, um, not colorless, and no one will admit to being the one that did it.  Either that or they’ll blame each other. 

Did I mention the time I caught them “yellowing the water” together?  This was quite some time ago.  I 86’d that behavior.  But that’s normal behavior, right?  I mean for boys, that’s normal, right?  Anyone?   

Oh, and Ella drew a picture of poo, isn’t that nice?  I don’t know where she came up with that idea.  Truly.  Not one of the other children has ever drawn poo.  At least not that I can remember anyway. 

I swear we are civilized.  I swear it.  I have the pretty smelling soaps and fresh towels and I make them wash their hands.  I even put product in their hair.  And I made snickerdoodles today.  Snickerdoodles are civilized, right?

I’m So Very Sorry

8 thoughts on “I’m So Very Sorry

  1. If you only knew how often I say to my boys, “That’s uncivilized behavior!” Although we have more issues with table manners than bathroom manners. 🙂

  2. I went to get my youngest from sunday school once, and his teacher said “we hear your older son can burp the alphabet”. I was so proud, you know we are a very talented bunch!
    The toilet thing:
    not flushing is one thing, but at least they could hit the bowl. I swear they have the worst shot. Again, my youngest Andrew, once told me: ” it just gets out of control mom” My husband loved that one.

  3. is that normal behavior for boys? are you kidding? that question made me laugh. nothing would surprise me. nothing. the hard part for me is that i didn’t grow up with brothers, only sisters. and my father. well, he was a class act. i’m sure my mother had a lot to do with that 😉 however, his childhood was likely a much different picture. should your boys marry girls who have brothers, perhaps that will lessen the shock factor … hopefully. no guarantees. it’s sweet of you to apologize now.

  4. Asher doesn’t yellow the waters yet. He yellows the diapers. But Miles is right there with your boys, with his cousins…they do the strangest things. I always have to lurk outside the door when they head into the bathroom together. You just never know what will happen. Boys!

  5. Erika says:

    Oh K, I don’t know how I missed this one! LOL! I love it! “Sword Fights”, as they are called in our house are very normal, and apparently, acceptable in the male world. I’ve asked them to please try and contain the “ammunition” to the toilet. Otherwise, I’ve just plain given up.

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