A mother worries over her children.  And I think when a mother has a child with a disability, she may worry a little more over that particular child than the others.  At least I know I have done that now and then.  Sometimes it is justifiably so, sometimes not.  The past few weeks have been a little bit like that for me.  Kindergarten is starting for Henry, and I, like many mothers of children starting kindergarten, am a fretful mess of tangled up concerns and fear and protectiveness and what-ifs for that little boy. 

And so I worry.  And then something happens to remind me that this little boy is…well…Henry.

Last week, while we were out in the wilderness we went up to the lake to swim.  There were a few other families there, too.  William and Henry were throwing the frisbee in the water, and a couple of little girls came over to join in…girls that we didn’t know.  William bugged outta there pretty quickly.  

But Henry…have I mentioned how charming Henry can be?  Henry played with the girls.  He had the frisbee, and he ran around taunting them with “come on girls, try to get me!”  He held the frisbee out of their reach and laughed his laugh (which totally makes me laugh while I’m writing this).  And the three girls were all running after him, squealing and laughing and trying to get my Henry.  He didn’t know them.  He couldn’t hear them.  But no matter.  He was comfortable.  He was so confident.  He was happy. 

And there it was…the lesson.

I. Will. Worry.

And then I will look up and see Henry.  I will see him make friends.  I will see him be the center of attention.  I will hear his laughter.

Henry at the Duckpond 2009 NST 

And I will wonder what on Earth I was worried about.



12 thoughts on “Worry

  1. It’d be great if there was a way to fast forward through all that unnecessary worry wouldn’t it? But, alas, you have to live it instead. I guess the nice part about that is that with his next big milestone, you maybe will have a touch more experience, a tad more perspective. And maybe then it’ll be a little less worrisome. Just a little.

  2. What an amazing little boy. I love that silly picture.
    I too have a little boy. Mine has Touretts sundrome, not bad, but a lot of tics. I always worry about kids making fun of him etc. I don’t want him to hurt, even though I know it makes us who we are and even stronger. As a mom you just don’t. want. them.to.hurt.
    One day I heard a child ask my Aaron why he was “doing that”. He replied “I don’t mean to do it, I just do. Thats how God made me.” I have always felt so much better after that. If “HE” gets it, and knows he is loved that is all that matters.

  3. What a gorgeous picture (I really need to figure out how to use my husband’s dSLR). You are so right- we will worry as mothers, and then we look up and see our children thriving. Not just “coping” or “surviving,” but full of joy and thriving. And that takes the worry away.

  4. this photo makes up for any toilet etiquette, or lack thereof (just read your post on bathroom civility … heh). seriously, can these photos get any more melt-your-heart? you have the most precious children of all time!

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