This is the Fodder.

We are back from the wilderness now.  It wasn’t really all that wild.  More on that later. 

Anyway, we’re back.  And of course, we had t-ball practice today and soccer starts Tuesday and cheering has been going on now for two weeks already and the boys need cleats and uniforms and school shoes and I still had some school supplies to buy.  And I noticed while I was packing for the wilderness that Henry really had very few decent shirts to wear for school so we had to get a few of those, too.  

Have you ever shopped with two little boys?  Mm-hmm. 

It was only slightly frustrating, to be honest.

Let me just share some of the comments I overheard:


William:  “Hey Henry, what if you tooted on Santa’s lap?!”  chuckles and snorts and guffaws.


Henry:  “Hey William, hold my finger.”

William:  “No Henry, I know what you’re going to do.”

Henry:  “Hey Mom, hold my finger.  I promise I’m not going to toot.  I’m just going to pretend to.”


Henry:  “Whoa, I just did a tooter.”  More chuckles.  More snorts, more guffaws. 


Can I just ask, what is it with the tooters?  

I live with small, insane people.  This is the fodder.


This is the Fodder.

8 thoughts on “This is the Fodder.

  1. Welcome home!!

    If the phrase “pull my finger” didn’t exist, there would be no conversation in our home. Zippo. He could belch the alphabet but that’s more of a monologue. Well, so is pull my finger except when I say “you have got to be kidding” so there is an exchange of sorts … S.O.S. … I used to be able to speak with adults.

  2. Is it bad that I’m laughing about the “what if I tooted on Santa’s lap?” comment? Does thinking tooting is a little bit funny make me a 9 yr old boy?
    Welcome home from the not-so-wild wilderness!

  3. Toni :O) says:

    Welcome back! Cute post…I was cracking up! Not sure what it is about all the tooting that cracks kids up…who knows!

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