Five Drips

There were five drips…possibly six.  In the little potty. 

I should mention that I did not make the drips. 

It was #4.  I am so proud.  We’re not even potty training. 

But when you see a two year old, standing by the potty, saying “psssss” (yes she did say it) you put her on it.  And she makes drips.

And then you make such a big deal about those five drips.  And then she is proud.

And then you make gingerbread cookies.  Because your love for your baby girl (and gingerbread cookies) knows no season. 

(And sometimes you might find a ball of frozen dough in the freezer that has been there since Christmas.)


Then you smoosh a scoop of black cherry ice cream between two gingerbread cookies.  Black cherry and Ginger?  Um, oh my word yes.


And then you celebrate the tinkle.


Five Drips

11 thoughts on “Five Drips

  1. I’m seriously moving to your house. That looks *delicious* and sooooo perfect for a warm summer afternoon!

    And congratulations to Ella on her big accomplishment!

  2. You are a great food photographer! And I am proud of your daughter — and happy for you (it’s as life changing for the mom as for the kid, I think).

    But I’m also really grateful to you that you chose to photographically chronicle the reward and not the accomplishment!

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