Sunshine, Sandcastles, Ice Cream, Laughter

It was a ten hour drive to the beach.   A Ten.Hour.Drive. 

That was sucky. 

And as we entered the Outer Banks, mother nature blessed us with a downpour.  Wind.  Torrential rains.  

So to recap:  trapped in car for ten hours;  rain. 

Then we arrived at the house.  We let the kids run around for an hour and then tucked them snuggly in their beds.  Luckily, we brought the pack-n-play for Ella, because the crib that was supplied was not assembled.  Isn’t that useful?  So I layed Ella in the pack-n-play, and closed the door.  Fifteen seconds later I could hear her screaming at the door.  Because she just climbed right on out of that pack-n-play.  The pack-n-play was also, clearly, very useful.   

So she slept in the bed with me that night.  And to be honest, I’m rather thankful for that crib being disassembled that night.  Sleeping with that little redheaded cherub by my side was not really restful.  But lying there watching her sleep and feeling her curled up next to me was nothing short of wonderful.   

I awoke to the sound of that little girl, two inches from my face, saying “Mommy.  Hi.”  She makes my heart come all undone…      

Then The Man put the crib together. 

And it rained some more.  And was cloudy.

But on the third day, the clouds parted and the sun fell on our faces and warmed the sand.  We did very little but play all day.  And eat ice cream.  All week. 

Henry in the Sand NST

(Look at his round belly…he’s just all sorts of cute…)

This week was sun-bleached hair, freckles, pink shoulders and pink cheeks. 

Kate Wrapped in Towel nst

And sandy little feet.     

Ella Sandy Toes B&W

And building sandcastles. (Which William takes very.very.seriously.  Don’t mess with his castles). 

William Building Sand Castle 2 NST

We collected shells.  We chased sandpipers.

Ella Chasing Sandpiper B&W NST 

We played in the surf.

 William in the surf B&W NST

We laughed. 

Henry's freckles B&W NST

Ella Laughing B&W NST

William Laughing B&W NST

Kate Laughing B&W NST

(There may have been a couple tiny little tantrums.  Or something.  But whatever.)

Four little children, drawn to the swirls of foamy surf.  Squealing with delight and fear and anticipation of the sea, crashing on their little feet.    

The Four B&W NST

This past week at the shore reminded me what childhood should consist of…sunshine, sandcastles, ice cream, laughter.  

It was lovely.



Sunshine, Sandcastles, Ice Cream, Laughter

17 thoughts on “Sunshine, Sandcastles, Ice Cream, Laughter

  1. Toni :O) says:

    You captured SO many amazing photos! The one of Ella laughing HAS to be my favorite (along with that cute and adorable chubby foot and of course William’s toothless grin!). Looks like you had such a fun time, glad to hear the rain cleared…thank goodness!

  2. Oh, I long to be on that shore! We’ve thought about the Outer Banks for vacation, but the thought of 12 hours in the car makes my head spin… and I only have two kids! Those pictures are gorgeous- I can smell the salt air and hear the gulls crying….

  3. There is something about the beach that just brings families together. And it creates the best memories. I love your photos. I’m glad you had a wonderful vacay!

  4. Amazing photos – I love William’s toothless smile – but they are all so cute.

    And Ella said Mommy. Hi – yay!!! Sounds like she’s decided to talk!

    So glad you had such a great vacation!

  5. Gorgeous photos! I know what you mean about the bitter-sweet treat of (not)sleeping with the toddler. It makes for some tender moments. Albeit lots of tired ones the following day.

    So can I be so nosey as to ask how you watermark your photos? I’ve been trying to figure out an easy way, with no luck.

  6. vicki says:

    Oh, 10 hours, I feel your pain. But, oh my, your photos are gorgeous and certainly worth the time it took to get to the OBX. Love that place. You captured it all…so glad you had a great time!!

  7. I love all your pics, I can see a nice little montage of that trip hanging on your wall somewhere! I wish I could bring you to the beach with us next time we go just to photograph my kids! I can never capture their essense the way you can. I’ll never stop trying though! Sounds like a fun trip, glad the weather got better!

  8. This was so beautiful! Your week at the shore was beautiful! I am sorry about the 10 hour drive. That is sucky. That is why we go to the somewhat sleazy New Jersey Shore : ) And we put up with all the riff raff to avoid that long ride. But the nice thing is, we all end up with pink cheeks and freckles wherever we may go, right? : ) And you are right, this is what summer should be all about for children. Happiness : )
    I LOVE your pictures ever so much. Lovely. Perfectly lovely!

  9. You have such a way with words. And then when you mix ’em up with your beautiful photos? Well. Suffice it to say that I’m longing for a week at the beach now.

  10. Your photography is outstanding – you captured so many precious moments. What gorgeous children you have – each so unique. The photos of them laughing – beautiful. Gives me a great sense of peace, that all is well in the world. It is full of beauty and goodness and lovely young ones preparing to go off into our big, big world someday. You should be one proud Mama.

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