Two Days

Two days until we leave for the beach. 

Have I packed? 


Have I started to pack?


Do I even have a list of things to bring?


Have I done all the laundry?


Have I cleaned the house?  (Because the house needs to be clean and fresh when we return).


Have I stopped the mail?


I did get Kate a new prescription for her anti-barf medicine for the car ride down.  Because you know, some things just have a tendency to be foremost on my mind.  And barf — or rather the lack thereof — is one of them.

But back to my failures…Will I do any of this stuff tomorrow?

It’s doubtful.  Highly unlikely.

What am I doing right now?

Writing this.


I enjoy the “freak-out.”

I can imagine it now…Friday evening between me and The Man.  It will be rather similar, I suppose, to the last hour before any type of deadline I am trying to meet.  Where I’m in freak-out mode.  Running around in a flurry as though the very world may come to an end.  And The Man is trying to not kill me. 

And Saturday morning will be double the fun.

But then all of that will melt away once we get in the car and settle down for our drive.  Our  (Please pray for me to arrive with a shred of my faculties left intact).

But until then, why do today what I can put off because I’m lazy?

Two Days

5 thoughts on “Two Days

  1. All you need is a bathing suit, towel & an outfit (you can do laundry at the house). The kids are living in their suits. The rest you can buy if you forget it. The trip will be fine. Try to leave early (5am early)…it will be early but it will be worth it not to sit in traffic. We got here in almost 5 hours. Good luck with the packing. It will get done, it always does 🙂

  2. Me too. I am exactly the same way. And Gary thinks I am the only girl in the world who freaks out. I am going to make him read this. I remember when my Mom used to have freak outs and I was always wondering WHY she felt that way. Now I know. Oh, to go back to being the CHILD and being packed for. Delightful times.

    Have a super trip!

  3. i popped over here from chatting at the sky, (just so you know), it was the little picture that drew me here. and you didn’t disappoint… more beautiful photos! your children are beautiful.
    i work much better under stress,too. why is that?
    have a fun and safe trip to the beach! 🙂

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