Six More Days, and a Lot More Poop Than Normal

1.  So I signed the kids up for bible camp this year.  I figured that would be fun.  And then in a move which I can only say was not-the-brightest, I decided to volunteer for the nursery all week.  I honestly don’t know what came over me.  I am having a hard time accepting the fact that instead of spending three hours every morning with just little Ella, I will be spending three hours each morning with little Ella and 15 (fif.teen, people) other zero-3 year olds.  Okay, yes, there will be two other adults there.  And possibly some teenagers.  Who may or may not be helpful.  But the noise…  And the diapers…  We are going to have to change other people’s babies’ poopies.  Really Kristen?  Really?  I know.  I know.  And honestly, I think Ella is going to love it.         


2.  The other day I had the following conversation with The Man:

The Man:  I found you a pilates class.

Me:  I’ll try not to take that as an insult.

The Man:  What?  Why? 

Me:  I wasn’t looking for a pilates class.

The Man:  It could help with your back, you know, strengthen your core, tone your muscles.  Don’t you want to feel better?

Me:  You’re digging yourself a whole here, pal.


3.  I’m actually thinking about signing up for the class now.  Somebody please stop me. 


4.  Does this confirm my idiocy? 


5.  Remember the marbles that I ordered from  Well, they came. (It was a long time ago.  A looooooong time ago.  I. am. so. sorry. for. being. SooooOOOOOoooo. lame).  Back to the marbles…  They.are.awesome.  And the customer service was awesome.  Once I had them in my possession, I wanted something to show them off in…I wanted something unique…so I found this wasp catcher and loaded it up with marbles.  It sits on a little shelf near the entrance of the house under my favorite picture of the kids.  It’s just perfect.  The marbles are childhood and memories and happiness.       


6.  Just FYI, I did give each of the children their own set of marbles.  They were as tickled as I was.

7.  Six more days until I feel the sand on my feet.  Six more days until the sun shines on my face.  Six more days, until I hear the roar of the ocean crashing into the shore.  And smell the salty air.  And feel the ocean breeze.  And hear the shrill squeals of four little children as they frolic without a care in the world.  Six more days.




Six More Days, and a Lot More Poop Than Normal

9 thoughts on “Six More Days, and a Lot More Poop Than Normal

  1. Love the marbles! Can picture them in your entry way :)!

    Take your Pilates class – and then beat Mr. Man at arm wrestling – that’ll teach him.

  2. Hoping those six more days pass very quickly for you, although with all the poopy diapers, I’m not so sure. 🙂 I love, love, LOVE beach vacations.

  3. Toni :O) says:

    Enjoy your vacation, well deserved and earned! Pilates was actually my favorite class I ever took (at my own suggestion, maybe he’s just wanting you to have time to yourself-just trying to see the bright side of things I guess!). It really did wonders with helping me lose 25 pounds. Once I stopped, gained it back unfortunately…that coupled with knee surgery..yuck! Anyways, best of luck on nursery duty…you are definitely a brave soul! Oh, and the marbles jar is AWESOME! My brother once traded in ALL of his hotwheels for marbles…boy was my mom ever furious with him! I can honestly say I’m sure she’s still not over that and it’s 35+ years later! Hah!

  4. I can’t stop laughing because Dad2Amara knows he’d never get away with “suggesting” a Pilates class! 🙂

    Amara did VBS earlier this summer and loved it. But you are braver than me…

    Enjoy vacay!!

  5. Well, that is quite a hole your hubs dug. He’s going to need a really strong core to dig out of that one.
    That said, I’m a big pilates fan (not that I’ve done it in the last 3 years, but STILL). When I did do Pilates, it was really great in helping me with posture and “alignment” which was all off kilter from constantly having a baby hoisted on my hip. Plus, the class I did was called Pilates for Moms and included child care. So , yeah, I was totally into it. 🙂

  6. The Man definitely dug himself a giant hole with that one, lol!

    Your marbles posts have sent me into a tizzy, trying to find my husband’s marbles from his boyhood. There in the house somewhere, and I know Matt would love to play with them. Though it is disconcerting to hear my three year old say, “daddy lost his marbles again” to everyone we meet!

  7. I never took a pilates class. I should. I should do something. I am sickening. Sometimes I look in the mirror and look away quickly. Sometimes I can’t even look in the mirror. A class might be a good start to looking in the mirror again.

  8. Oh, and so freaking excited about the beach for you! Hope Bible school is going well. Naji loves it. Kaish hates it and begs not to go. My Mommy told me to come along today so the boys could get 1000 extra points for their team…. Wierd : )

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