The Rules

This sheet of paper has been posted to William’s doors for several weeks now.  I finally bothered to read it.  Get a load of this:

William J (in case we weren’t sure exactly which William)

My rules

1.  Don’t look at me when I’m getting dressed. 

2.  Only six and up on the top bunk!  (this is important because excluding his brother from the top bunk is legitimate for another 6 months)

3.  If you pass gas in this room you will [have] to leave.

4.  No wrestling or jumping on the top bunk!  (if you try it, you’re liable to knock yourself out with the ceiling, anyway.)

5.  No hiding from me!

6.  Henry don’t yell talk sing or w[h]isper at bed time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alrighty then.  I’ll be sure to pass gas elsewhere when I want to remain in William’s room.


One other thing…I caught the two year old sitting at the island, chugging juice straight out of the container today.  She’s so klassy.  At least she didn’t chuck that across the room when she was done with it. 


The Rules

7 thoughts on “The Rules

  1. Toni :O) says:

    Haha…that’s great. My kids were playing in huge boxes from our new patio furniture. He promptly labeled his with “No Girls Allowed….AT ALL!” I cracked up…I mean, it’s a BOX for goodness sake! Have a great day! :O)

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