Pink Jobs, etc.

Catchy title, don’t you think? 

Moving right along.

This weekend we had some friends over for a happy hour.  Oh how I love the happy hours.  Really.  

Outside.  Sunshine, warmth.  Chalk, bikes, bubbles.  The kids play.  The kids eat.  The adults talk.  The adults eat.  The margaritas flow.  Good times.  Sigh… 

Where was I?  Oh, right.  Happy hour.  So we’re all enjoying each others’ company and I totally missed the front end of this conversation but I did manage to hear the “…that’s a pink job” come out of the mouth of one of the men in our midst.  Let’s just call him Mr. Pink from now on.  🙂 

(Hi Mr. Pink!  Are you reading this?)

So yes, he said that pink job thing.  (I wish I could remember what job it was that he called “pink.”)  Anyhoo, there was a discussion that ensued, and I don’t really remember all of it.  Or any of it.  Except the pink comment. 

The idea is, I guess, that some jobs are “pink” and some jobs are “blue.”  Now, in this house, I don’t believe there are any pink or blue jobs.  There are jobs that I prefer to do myself for one reason or another, and there are jobs that The Man prefers to do himself.  Some jobs require strength that I don’t have.  Like mowing the lawn.  The Man likes to mow the lawn.  I concede that to him.  (If there IS a blue job, mowing the lawn is it, imho).   

So I’m just wondering.  Are there pink jobs and blue jobs?  Or am I just kidding myself?     

Oh, and we must all overlook Mr. Pink’s unfortunate position on pink jobs.  Because he makes the nice margaritas.  And if I’m being honest, I don’t want those to go away.  And also, he’s really a pretty nice guy.


In other news, one of the jobs ’round here has been claimed by Henry.  It is the “beer stocker.”  He has made it his number one priority to make sure the frigo is always fully stocked with beer.  I caught him doing it one day.  I walked into the kitchen and nearly tripped over a case of beer on the floor.  I wondered what the four little hoodlums had been doing with it, until I realized Henry was standing there, unloading beer from it and putting it in the frigo.  One small step for Henry, one giant leap for Mama.  Next I’m going to teach him how to pour a beer without a lot of head.  I’m kidding, of course.  He needs to know how to frost the mug before pouring.   


At what age do the table manners kick in?  Seriously, when? 


Ella throws her drinks.  Every single meal.  Every snack, every meal.  Everytime.  You should see her.  It’s rather comical if you’re not actually the one living through it.  She takes her sippy cup, turns it upside down and sucks furiously on it, and then chucks it across the table when she’s had enough.  I don’t get it.  Could she not set it down nicely? 


I’m featured over at 5 Minutes for Parenting’s A Dose of Humor!  Because I’m so very humorous.  Check it out!

Pink Jobs, etc.

11 thoughts on “Pink Jobs, etc.

  1. Oh boy, I bet the discussion got heated after pink jobs were brought up. The young one has much to learn 😉

    Henry would do a fine job fitting in here at the Big Top – way to go! Perhaps Ella is practicing for college?

    Congrats on your story at 5 Minutes – one of my favorites. I still chuckle just thinking about it.

  2. Oh, please do not let the man in my house see this – he is ADAMANT about there NOT being pink and blue jobs, gets VERY cranky if I so much as hint that it might be a job he should do b/c I might, maybe think it’s a ‘blue’ job…..he does mow the lawn and take out the trash though. I’m just sayin….

    Anyway – Kids can stock beer? Hmm, we may have to re-think this whole being childless thing….

    But wait, kids through their cups on the floor, hmmm, let’s stick with the status-quo! 😉

  3. Toni :O) says:

    Maybe you should dump water on Ella’s head each time she throws her cup…do you think that would stop her? Gosh, did I REALLY just say that? I was thinking cause and effect and guess that’s the first thing that came to my fried out brain! Man mows, I dust and my son dusts his own room and sometimes helps dust the others (My Man refuses to do that), he does vacuuming, scours the bathrooms (including the tub, I NEVER do that) and mops floors. I have zero complaints really…oh, and he does his own two loads of laundry each week, I do the other 14! As long as it all gets done, I really don’t care who does it. OMG…such a funny story to read again…that is too much! Have a great weekend!

  4. The manners. Ah, the manners. DO they ever kick in? I thought we had made some headway, then B left for a week and the g’rents came. Then we went to the beach. Then it has been VBS all week. No consistency means no manners. Sigh. I do use reward systems with them… like last night we were going to an ice cream party and I told them they could each have 5 topping on their ice cream. For every bad manner, they lost a topping. Let’s just say there was exemplary behavior last night… now if only I could give them ice cream every night. 🙂

    I laughed out loud about the beer stocking. Bri would like that. Me? Can’t stand the taste of beer, but I’d be happy to teach my kids how to stock a wine rack. 😉

    I’ve never really thought about pink or blue jobs in that light before. We have just kind of fallen into our routine… I stay at home, so I fulfill the home management/care roles. B fulfills the provider role w/ his work and then helps me with the things I need help with (i.e. trash, lawn, etc.) So it just kind of flows naturally for us.

    You make me laugh. I’m glad for that.

  5. I don’t think he cares what color the job is, if I don’t do it quickly enough or to his standards, Spin’s going to do it himself.

    Sometimes it pays to be married to OCD.

    If making the drinks is a blue job, then drinking them is the pink one. Ooh! That’s me!!

  6. Kristen,
    Table manners…they come and go, sadly. lol. And congrats to you for being featured at 5MinutesforMOM…I’m going to head over and read that!
    Loved your cow story. 🙂

  7. The manners will kick in when there is finally a boy or girl that they really want to impress. You know, like around age 16?? Although, they tend to disappear again when the crush isn’t present.

    We definitely have some blue jobs around here! I am not one bit offended that the Hubby and Oldest kid take over the mowing, weed-eating, trash emptying and bug smashing! I will do anyone’s laundry to get out of those jobs!

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